What is Hacking Freedom?

What does Freedom mean to me?

To me, Freedom is the choice I make every day to find and live what's best for all through working on myself, changing myself, developing myself, and participating and contributing with others in my world in a way where I consider the impact that my words and actions have not only on myself and those in my life now, but the generations to come.

Do I in my life stand as an example of the past repeating? Accepting, acting out, and perpetuating the past in the form of patterns of blame, spite, self interest, self delusion and self compromise? Or do I in my life stand as an example of a Human Being taking Self Responsibility to change who I am in thought, word, and deed, within learning to consider and honor what's best for everyone as a daily way of life? Not as a belief system based on fear or hope -- But as a genuine decision I've made about who I'm going to be for my OWN sake when I consider how I would feel if I have to stand before all beings at the end of my life and face everything that I justified, ignored, or dismissed because it was inconvenient to my personal preference at the time?

Allow me to expand practically on this. When I look at global problems like:

  • Racism
  • War 
  • Economic Inequality 
  • Violence and Abuse of Children and Animals 
  • The Destruction of Nature 

The way I see it, these problems are simply outflows, consequences, behaviors stemming from the same starting point through which I as an individual participate in conflict, judgment, anger, spite, blame, emotional possession in my own mind and in my day to day personal relationships. Just because I’m not shooting someone or depriving them of food doesn’t mean I’m not contributing to the problem. That’s where Self Honesty comes in. Self Honesty is to really take a look at who I am in my starting point of what I Accept and Allow to direct me and define me in my mind and behavior and decision making.

For instance what makes sense to me is that if I Accept that it is okay for anger, rage, spite, and blame to exist in me -- then I am Allowing all forms of anger, rage, spite and blame and all the consequences thereof, both on the small scale and the large scale. What I Accept in myself, I allow in all others - because my mind, and my individual life does not exist in an isolated bubble. Humanity is simply the relationships between individuals, and the nature of our relationships is defined and determined by who we Accept and Allow ourselves to be.

So within this I realize that Freedom as an ultimate reality can’t ever exist until All are Free, together, from any form of abuse, neglect, separation and spite within ourselves at an individual level. Freedom as an ultimate reality can’t ever exist until we all, at an individual level, Equally as One exist within the same starting point which is to do what is best for all, and we actually are living this in our inner and our outer.

So as I am living my day to day life, each interaction, each moment, each scenario presents an opportunity to reflect and ask myself: What am I accepting and allowing to direct me, to influence me, to determine my words and actions? Reactions? Secrets? Judgments? If I am Accepting these things and telling myself this is a normal, okay way to exist - then I am Allowing the same line of reasoning in all others - and thus I am indirectly supporting and giving permission for any form of abuse done in the name of such justification of “I am just being who I am”, “I am just acting out the way I feel and react”. And unfortunately, simply forcing ourselves to think happy thoughts and say “I love you, I love everyone” - isn’t the solution because it doesn’t reflect an understanding of how the mind works. All it does is suppress the negatives that we don’t actually understand and haven’t actually changed - but just suppressed.

When I deconstruct a negative emotional pattern, or a positive feeling pattern, understand it, see the memories and events, beliefs, ideas and definitions from my past that played a role in creating it, and I re-define myself effectively within practical Common Sense and Self Honesty that I can put into practice in my daily living and self expression -- then I don’t NEED positivity - because I’m no longer stuck in the polarity cycle of -- Negative to Positive to Negative to Positive. I’ve stood One and Equal with the Negative in me -- and Stopped it AS ME -- and now I step forth as Life, as Genuine Self Expression. I no longer require a ‘positive experience’ or belief to get me through a moment, because I am now the Directive Principle of Me in that moment. So to me Freedom is a process of Hacking the Mind - Hacking my Accepted Nature, to really understand how Self Creation works, so that I can Re-Engineer myself using common sense, self honesty, and the consideration of what is best for all life now and in generations to come.

This is how I, ME, Matti Freeman see myself as I relate to my world, and to existence. This is the only standard that makes sense to hold myself to. And I mean, it's a daily learning process, I'm not sitting here presenting myself as some holier than thou person looking down on the rest. All of the above principles I talk about can be applied in daily living and yet - my life doesn't LOOK all that different from anyone else's because the Desteni Principles are about focusing on what's here, what we have to work with every day. I don't need a church, a temple, special hats or robes or crystals or equipment - I don't have a religion. I am a Human Being. And, as a part of Life - I realize I -- as Life, am coming back to this world. And so I am interested in a world where all Life is Free.

My Tools for Hacking Freedom:

Desteni I Process


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