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Hacking Freedom Radio #2: Challenges of Adolescence led me to Spiritual Escapism

In episode 2 I talk about how emotional experiences related to school and social dynamics starting in early adolescence, shaped my feeling of being 'different' and 'not fitting in', which led me to get hooked into escapism through Spirituality in the mind's alternate realities in my early twenties. I was really into the 'love and light' thing - buying into the idea of being a 'special being' here on a mission to 'spread positive energy'. But my love and light didn't support me to have effective relationships and I began to ask myself what am I missing?

In episode 3 I will continue with how my life changed when I discovered the Desteni tools and principles and started applying them every day.

Desteni I Process

Hacking Freedom on Anchor Radio: Episode 1 - The Desteni Tools and Freedom

Welcome to my new station! In my first episode I talk about what it means to me to 'Hack Freedom' using the Desteni tools and principles.

Basically 'to hack' means = to access. So I'm accessing my own programs so that I can see what's going on in me, delete programs that don't support me, and install new ones that DO support me.

Stay tuned for episode 2!

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Desteni Life Hack: Why do we react to problems?

Why do we as people tend to react to problems where 'standing up' for something gets turned into a conflict, fight, finger pointing, spitefulness, and even violence?

I've found that when I react to a problem it's because I don't yet fully see and understand the true nature of the problem or the solution - but I've latched onto what I believe the ONLY solution is to what I believe is the ONLY problem - and then when others don't comply with 'my solution' - I feel powerless because I'm unable to implement what I believe is the ONLY solution to the ONLY problem.

So what I find effective in relation to such situations where I recognize this kind of reaction is happening in me, is to remind myself - hey, there's simply more to this problem, and to the solution, than I believe or perceive there is. How can I assist and support myself to better understand more dimensions of this problem? How can I assist and support myself to become more Equal to …