Interactive Insect Encounters

Never seen a cockroach with this kind of pattern before!

Interesting the way insect encounters support with taking a moment to appreciate my physical environment, where for a moment my focus is completely in looking at this insect.

Interesting also how insects have these elaborate patterns. Which brings me to the point of how sometimes I'll feel the brush or wing of an insect to which I'll react with a bit of a jolt of adrenaline and "ahh what the F was that??"

Perhaps they are reminding us to take a self honest look at the question of:

"Hey, what elaborate pattern was I busy being directed by in my mind when I was shocked into awareness with an unexpected insect appearance?"

Fascinatingly I've noticed such moments become less shocking over the years as I've become more physically grounded through applying and living the principles we share at Desteni. So shoutout to bugs and insects for assisting with providing feedback I can use to evaluate who and how I am in within my body and physical environment!


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