Day 353: Living Equality in Daily Life - Part 4

Self Commitment Statements in continuation of:
Day 352: Living Equality in Daily Life - Part 3 

When and as I see myself comparing myself within judgment to another's 'different way of being, doing, and approaching things' within a personal relationship, I commit myself to identify and forgive whatever way or ways I am seeing me and my way and how I am as being superior / better / more than, and to realize that developing effective support, balance, communication, sharing, and stability with another isn't about 'getting another to be like me', but comes through walking with another and their differences, embracing them without judgment, so that I may get to know them in depth, to be able to clearly see where and how I can support them, without being influenced by the self interest of wanting to change another

When and as I begin a personal relationship with another, I commit myself to focus on myself first in terms of sharing what I see my own strengths and weaknesses are, instead of rushing to determine what the other's strengths and weaknesses are

When and as I begin a personal relationship with another, I commit myself to remind myself that 'my pace and speed and intensity' with which I do certain things on my own / living on my own, may not be the same as the pace, speed, and intensity with which the other does those same things and thus I commit myself to prevent conflict and imbalance by living the words Flexible, Adaptable, Learning, and Expansion in relation to my pace, speed, and intensity of doing things

When and as I begin a personal relationship with another, I commit myself to self honestly investigate myself to see where / if I am wanting the other to 'be equal to' a point of my own desire, expectation, or want, and to forgive any such point thoroughly, as I realize that equality in a relationship cannot exist if I am wanting to use the other to live out my own self interest

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