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Day 351: Living Equality in Daily Life - Part 2

Continuing from: Day 350: Living Equality in Daily Life - Part 1

I realized that I was actually living the word Equality as a point of separation - where, I was wanting another being and 'our world that we are sharing together', to become equal to 'my preferences and wants', rather than really learning to equalize myself / change myself / adapt myself to walk WITH another who is DIFFERENT from me. Within this, I realized that there were aspects of my partner in terms of 'the way they do things', and 'the way they express themselves', that I in essence 'didn't want to be equal to' / 'didn't want to be part of my world'. Yet these differences in another which I resisted / had an aversion to / judged - actually ended up being gifts which opened up points of self change and self expansion for me.
So what I describe above as 'my preferences and wants', I want to specify rather as 'the way I do things and what works for me…

Day 350: Living Equality in Daily Life - Part 1

I'd like to share my experience with living the word Equality within the context of day to day interactions with people, and specifically in the context of relationships.
In my previous relationship experience there were many scenarios in which I would react to my partner and end up contributing to and participating in conflict and blame. These conflict experiences served as consequences which, after the relationship ended, ultimately supported me to see and realize that I had been living the word Equality more as an 'idealized, general value' - where, although I was standing within the principle that we are all Equal as Life and that thus we are all in fact 'the same self' in a way, I lacked a specific 'daily life' definition, which resulted in an effective structure with which to support myself to interact, express, and walk with my partner in a way that is best for us both. 
In short, I realized that I was actually living the word Equality as a point of…

Album Review: "Higher Purpose" by J Jesus --- Meaningful Music!

Congratulations to my fellow Destonian J Jesus on the release of his new album Higher Purpose!

Get it here:

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Day 349: Being Solution Oriented when Facing a Creative Standstill

I recently reached a 'creative standstill' in my painting, and here I share how I assisted and supported myself to apply being Solution Oriented in order transform this scenario from an emotionally charged experience, to a learning experience and opportunity to specify, redefine, and expand myself in relation to my process of skill development in painting.

Here is the Self Forgiveness that opened up, in relation to the points shared in the video:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, when reaching a 'creative standstill', where nothing I'm doing / trying is producing results that I like, to immediately react within an emotional experience of feeling disempowered, failure, uselessness, pointlessness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to interpret creative standstills to mean that 'this is not for me', and 'this is pointless', because 'this is not working'

I forgive myself that I have accepted and a…

Day 348: Desteni Principles: How I Live the word Peace in my daily Life

Sharing a dimension of the way I live the word Peace and what Peace means to me in my day to day life.

Dedicated to Desteni and everyone involved; grateful for the daily support, tools, and inspiration from everyone over the past 9 years of my life, which has enabled me to be consistent with being able to find Peace in a world of Strife, through learning how to take self responsibility for who I am and what I am creating myself as, and begin living my utmost potential.


Day 347: Desteni Principles: Building a paint rack in my studio

Sharing a bit about the role that the application of redefining and living words within practicality and common sense plays in my process of changing myself from someone who is 'hardwired for self disempowerment', to being someone who is solution oriented.

Learn how to work with words effectively through the Desteni I Process courses: