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Day 342: Giving Self The Thrill of Living

Do you find that there is a particular Energy / Mind addiction or habit that you struggle to give up / let go of? Would you say that the reason you like your addiction so much, is because it adds a 'Thrill' to your otherwise 'boring life'?

Recently I had been investigating the question of 'Why Am I'? Within the point of being tempted to go back into old habits to stimulate myself / occupy myself with energy experiences in the mind, which had been coming up with not currently being in a partnership / relationship and so having a lot of 'alone time' with myself.

One of the words that I found within asking myself what is it that I am wanting / enjoying actually within this energy? And the word 'Thrill' / 'Thrilling' emerged. This was cool because it opened up the realization that I can now explore giving myself this word - living the word 'Thrill' as a self expression in my daily life / process.

So I looked at where / how am I no…

Day 341: Eqafe Review - Body Language: Suppression When Holding Your Thumbs

Review of the Eqafe interview: 
Gorilla Style - Body Language

Sharing my personal experience with the body language point of holding one's thumb inside a fist and how this indicates suppression of Self, and what I've experienced within changing myself in such moments.

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