Day 339: Body Insecurity 2 - What Purpose Have You Given Your Body?

Part 2, sharing more about my process of changing my relationship with my body from that of a symbol, to that of a vehicle for my Genuine Self Expression.

Have you defined what purpose your body has?

Do you see your body as a way to achieve some goal of having a positive experience for yourself such as 'I am attractive', 'I am sexy', 'I am beautiful', 'I am fashionable'?

Are you obsessed about wishing / wanting to change your appearance so that you can 'get' these positive experiences? Is that the real purpose of having a body?

The key to stopping body insecurity is to look at what Experiences you are holding onto as wants and desires, that you "want your appearance to give you", and give those wants up, to make space for being able to embrace yourself within your body and Honor your body as a gift to support your Genuine Self Expression.

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  1. Great support here Matti, this is such an ingrained aspect in all of us, so thanks for walking it and sharing your example :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this point in this format, Matti!


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