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Day 336: Genuine Self Expression vs. Social Survival

Sharing my realization of how, when those little moments come up where I'll worry what others might think about me / how they might judge me - I'm not standing within my Genuine Self Expression.
Where in your own life do you see yourself accessing the fear of not being socially accepted / worrying what others might think about you? What words can you re-define in a way that supports you to develop your Genuine Self Expression?
I'll be sharing more posts giving perspective on my process with changing myself from interacting with others through personalities / copied behavior and expressions, to developing my natural, genuine self expression which is still something I'm substantiating myself as in my daily living and interaction with others.

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Day 335: Making a Good First Impression

Sharing some things I learned about myself through investigating the words 'making a good first impression' when meeting new people. Do you get nervous when meeting new people?

Day 334: 7 Redefining One Word can Open up Opportunities for Change

In Part 7 of how my Education shaped my Career Path I talk about my experience with the word "Learning", and how when I redefined the word in a practical way for myself, I was able to start assisting and supporting myself to push through career related resistances and develop new skills.

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Day 333: Redefining Words: Patience and Impatience

I was inspired by the Reptilian series interview about Patience, to investigate the word Patience for myself and redefine it.

You can hear the interview here:
Patience: A Patient of… - Reptilians - Part 546

So, let's look at Patience.

It seems that Patience goes hand in hand with Impatience.

When I look at the word Impatient, some interesting things emerge:

I'm Patient -- I'm Pace - I am Pace -- I am this Pace, I am the Patient of MY Pace -- that would be where I'm Tying and restricting myself - as in a straight jacket that a Mental Patient wears, lol, to the Pace that I AM defining myself and the moment according to. And, this would thus be why when I'm 'Impatient' - it feels like 'I'm being held back' by the current circumstance / time frame which, is not aligning to 'My Time Frame'.

So, to live Patience practically in physical space and time where - things can happen that are…

Day 332: Living the gifts of your unique circumstance

With the access we have to other people's live through social media, it's very easy to get caught up in comparing your life to another's; in particular those who we see as being more successful, more effective, more happy, more free - the list goes on. Within this it's very easy to form ideas about what you 'should' have, or what your life is 'supposed to look like', and then judge what you have as 'not enough', or 'not good enough'. This can lead to us missing out on the gifts and opportunities we in fact DO have in our unique life circumstance.

How can you benefit from identifying and accepting the gifts of your unique life circumstance, and letting go of comparison?

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