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What Are People Like Donald Trump Showing Us About Ourselves?

The story in the video below is a reflection of what the entire system exists as. For wealth to exist for a few, there exist many whose labor is used to produce the wealth, and who are kept trapped in that labor through survival. Trump is merely using the system as it is designed / allowed to exist. 
Rather than blame and point fingers and talk about how nasty rich people are, the question we can ask ourselves is - where and how in our daily lives / in our minds do we consider ourselves only, while disregarding those in the world who do not and will never have what we have? And just as Trump said to the architect 'I've already spent so much money on this, I don't want to pay more' -- where and how in our own daily lives and minds do we say 'I'm already invested in my own life / my own interest, I don't have the time or resources to stand up for those who have nothing'?
We don't need more blame and attacking, we need self reflection and self honesty an…

Day 331: 6 - Discovering your Potential Takes Time

Part 6 of how my Education Shaped my Career Path. Here sharing more about my first sales experiences, the pain of change, and how getting involved in something completely outside of my comfort zone had supported in discovering more natural skills and strengths that I hadn't seen before.

What if survival and access to all the support we need was a guaranteed human right, and the education system was based on supporting each child to develop a confident character with high self esteem, free to explore different kinds of projects and participation during their formative and adolescent years in order to discover where and how they can make a satisfying contribution to the world?

How many people's potential contribution has been compromised through developing a character that is not effective in practical reality?

Day 330: 5 - What I Experienced During My First Ever Sales Presentation

Education and my Career Path Part 5: What I experienced during my first sales presentation. Can you say....hell? lol

Through my first sales experiences I realized the extent to which how we 'feel' about the prospect of a particular job or career, is determined by our relationship to the words that define that job.

Day 329: 4 - Does Not Compute! Going Blank When Your Programming is Not Efffective

Part 4 of my series about how my Education shaped my Career Path.

Have you ever been in a totally new situation that causes you to go into absolute anxiety to the point where your words and physical stability actually shut down and you can't speak?

Here I share an experience from when I first was getting involved in business and education, when I walked into a school office to try and make an appointment. I can sum it up in 3 words: Does Not Compute!

This event opened the door to seeing the nature of my mind and behavior in a whole new way.

Day 328: 3 - The Only Reason and Purpose that Makes Sense to Me

Part 3 of how my Education shaped my Career Path. Here I'm sharing the role Reason and Purpose played in my relationship to jobs, career, money, and skill development.

You may find that you don't see a reason or point to pursuing a career or participating in the world system, and that your life is mostly just a 'hobby', along with a job you work in order to get by.

What reason did I find that changed the way I looked at my participation in the world?

Day 327: 2 - Have You Ever Investigated All Your Natural Skills?

Part two in sharing how my education shaped my career path.
In this video I discuss a turning point I experienced in my life where I started investigating all my natural skills and abilities - not just the things I had always done and always liked doing, but all the points that I see I have the potential to develop.

Do you feel like you are not living your full potential? Are you unsatisfied with your job? Would you say your job / career gives you the opportunity to develop and live your full potential?

Have you ever sat down and written out all the things you are naturally good at?

Day 326: 1 - Introduction to How my Education Shaped my Career Path

At this time in my life I'm in the process of developing / creating my career as an artist. I have many resources available to me in this life - one of the few in this world who is fortunate enough to be in such a situation. However, it's taken me years of self development and change to be able to begin utilizing my resources effectively. How did I get to where I am now?