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Day 325: Perfectionism vs. Self Perfection: My Experience

Sharing how I'v recently changed how I see the word Perfect in the context of creative projects, and how, in giving up wanting certain things to be perfect, the opportunity for self-perfection opens up more.

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Day 324: What does Donald Trump Represent to You?

This is a blog in response to the recent placement of statues of Donald Trump in US cities.

What is ridicule?
Wouldn't you say ridicule is a form of manipulation / bulling, where the starting point is that of trying to making another feel inferior and invalidated?

Everyone loves to ridicule politicians - I mean it's so easy right? And the ones that really offend us with their wealth, and their opinions, and their value systems, if we can just ridicule them enough, maybe they will disappear from view and then --- then ----- then what? A solution magically appears?

How does creating naked statues of Donald Trump solve any of the issues that Trump represents?

Isn't creating a naked statue of someone in an attempt to ridicule / invalidate them, simply bullying based on judging someone's physical appearance? Isn't that something we're wanting to stop in the world?

I'm sure many would say - well it's justified because 'he's such a bad man because he …