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Day 319: That 'block' when you haven't blogged in a while

What I've noticed when I don't write blogs in some time, is that I experience a kind of 'sharing block', or rather, an 'expression block' where - when I sit down and decide to write, I immediately start going through points in my head looking for something to start with. Should I share something from my personal life process I've been walking since I blogged last? Should I write about a current event? And I start going over all the possible topics, which I notice I am looking at from the starting point of 'okay I want to start with a topic / point that I am satisfied with, something that will set the stage for the next blog, and the next blog. Basically, going into an emotion of feeling 'behind' with sharing the insights / realizations I have, and wanting to 'catch up'.

Interestingly though, many times when this kind of block or resistance happens after postponing sharing, I realize after I actually start writing, that the actual releva…

Day 318: Positivityin5Words


I saw this hashtag on Twitter and it looked like a fun exercise. To me, the word Positive is not something that means you just feel good, or that you think about things you like and desire, because there are people in this world who do terrible things in the name of what feels good and what they like or desire to do. To me, the word Positivity should be specific to encompass that which benefits everyone in a practical way. So, here are some examples of #PositivityIn5Words that I came up with. Try some yourself!

Exploring Solutions Instead of Blaming

Slow Down and Breathe First

Considering Everyone in All Things

Every Child Reaching Fullest Potential

Animals Reaching Their Fullest Potential

Nature Reaching Its Fullest Potential

Failure Is A Learning Opportunity

Writing Out Your Reactions Daily

Assessing Your Starting Point Always

Being Ready To Learn Always

Making Time To Share Insights

Allowing Self To Unconditionally Listen

Being Willing To Change Definitions