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Day 314: Imagine All The People Giving Each Other What We Need

When will Imagine become a reality? If we want to live as One - with each one of us valuing each other as ourselves -- we have to deconstruct our individual mind of thoughts, feelings, emotions, wants, needs, desires, fears, values, definitions, beliefs -- to identify and change all the ways we've separated ourselves from OneAnother. War is Over if we want it - but we have to start with deconstructing and stopping the Wars that exist in our minds as ourselves in the form of conflict, judgment, reactions, blame, fear, opinions, and the crusade of self interest, and learn to live within practical, self honest solutions that benefit all. It's a tough road, and hope and nice words are not enough.

Desteni is people walking the road to a world of Equality and Oneness through stopping separation within and as the Mind, and learning to stand as Equals and as One in living application, while living and participating in the world as it exists, facing what is here and using what is here …