Day 311: Cover of Dreams by the Cranberries

My cover of Dreams by the Cranberries. I've always really liked this song and it's fun to sing.

The lyrics of this song, like those of so many others, are an expression of the Energetic relationships of desire / love / feeling - fear of loss / loneliness / emotion that are so prevalent in the minds of Human Beings, where we weave 'dreams' of fantasies and perfection inside our heads, painting beautiful pictures and believing the purpose of life on earth as a Human is to experience as much feelings and emotions as we can because apparently that's what it means to 'be alive'. I don't agree with that because I've seen through walking my own relationship to feelings and emotions, how such mental relationships of energy dependency trap us in perpetual self interest of seeing only what we want to experience in our own lives, and become dependent on each other to fulfill our accepted and allowed fantasies and dreams and hopes, rather than seeing each other as equals and having relationships be partnerships through which we assist and support each other to become more effective in taking responsibility for all life on earth and stopping our obsessions and possessions of desires and fantasies in the dreamland of the mind.


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