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Day 310: How I learned to step outside my comfort zone and change

In this discussion I share my experience with my process of changing myself in relation to fearing challenges and stepping outside of my comfort zone in life. I give perspective on my childhood and how I became conditioned to only be able to deal with what's familiar and easy and the same, and how I've changed myself through applying the self tools shared by Desteni, and been able to establish a practical foundation to support myself to reach my full potential.

Day 309: Are you living in Real-Time or Memory Time?

How many moments during your day are defined by you projecting yourself into the next moment / an upcoming moment / a possible moment later in your day?

Do you find yourself in such moments, imagining yourself "experiencing" a future moment in your head, before it's even here in fact?

Now, here I'm not talking about practical / necessary planning or calculations - I'm talking about projections where you imagine yourself experiencing a moment a certain way. Like for instance you're driving home from work, and you're imagining yourself doing something you like when you get home, like relaxing, watching TV, etc. And, in that moment of imagination, you're having a positive experience; and this experience might include a movement of excitement in your torso area, or you may also smile, or you may also relax your body or change your grip in the steering wheel. So, you're physically experiencing this future moment.

Now it's interesting because, you&…

Day 308: Changing yourself from Defensive to Teachable

Are you teachable? Are you living in real-time?

Or are you defined by the past?

Do you have an experience of by default being compelled to explain yourself, defend yourself, and point out the flaws in the 'other' person's point of view, perspective, input, suggestion, when YOUR point of view, perspective input, suggestions, or way of doing things is questioned?

Do you experience 'being questioned', or 'called out', or 'corrected', as a negative thing?

When another questions your starting-point, your way of doing things, your way of seeing things, your behavior, do you by default tend to experience them as being 'opposed' to you, and within that, you being 'opposed' to them?

When someone questions you, do you resist considering what they're saying?

When you look at your relationships, can you identify moments that escalated into reactive conflicts because of any of the experiences above?

These kinds of experiences are tricky beca…