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Day 307: Earth: Red Pill - Heaven: Blue Pill

What do you do when you get emotional, experience conflict, get frustrated, get depressed, get stressed? Irritated? When the world gets you down? When you're bored?

Do you access an experience? What is the name of the experience?


Take a moment to look at the experience you use. Are there pictures / visuals associated with the experience? What do you see in your head? Images? Colors?

What's the story behind your experience? Is the positive nature of the experience tied in with a form of belief that, in spite of all the 'bad stuff', there is something, someone, some greater force looking out for you, or some brighter, better, happier place waiting for you in this life or when you die?

If someone presented you with two pills - a blue pill that if swallowed, would whisk you away from the Earth into your preferred heaven - or a red pill that, if swallowed, would cause you to live here, in your physical …

Day 306: Do you have an inferiority complex?

Do you experience inferiority around people who are of a 'higher status' of education, income level, profession?

Do you feel a lack of confidence, nervousness, anxiety when speaking and interacting with people that are of a 'higher status' than you?

Do you notice that the people who you feel most confident and comfortable around, are actually people that you feel superior to in some way?

Do you resist interacting with people that you see as superior to you?

Does your heart race with fear when someone behaves aggressively or dominantly toward you?

Have your relationships in life tended to be with people who are submissive?

If your answer is yes, then you probably share the same definition of 'Confidence' that I realized I was living.

The way I was living 'Confidence', was as an experience of superiority / feeling more than another. And, what I found in looking at where this came from, was that it originated in the experience of inferiority / less than, …

Day 305: Humanity's Identity Crisis

What is Humanity's Identity Crisis?
What defines your identity? What have you decided makes you "You"?
What Identity unites everyone in Equality?