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Day 304: The Origin of Anger in my Life Part 6: The Well Mannered Boy

Continuing from the last post in this series:

Day 299: The Origin of Anger in My Life Part 5: Beginning of Self Image Continued

"What I identified in looking at the kinds of experiences that I 'took to heart' the most in these years, is that the kind of things I would 'feel bad' about, or feel sad about, or feel confused and frustrated about, is things where I'm being seen as not good enough, or as stupid, or as 'misbehaving'.

And what I found in looking at why I took these kinds of things personally so much, is that I had always seen myself as a good person, as a talented person, as a likable person, as a nice person. These things were like, big parts of my Self Image. Oh and another point of Self Image that started to take a hit at this stage in my life was that of seeing myself as a smart person. I mean I had always enjoyed school and done well up to that point, but in mi…

Day 303: Using TV shows to get to know your own mind

So an interesting thing that I've noticed in watching TV shows, is that wherever we experience what the character is experiencing; like if the character is in a situation where they are having a positive experience or a negative experience or reacting to someone or something - if they're having this experience 'on screen', and we're also having this experience with them as if we're in that situation, and we can really relate to what they're going through, and we're feeling that 'up', or that 'down', or that reaction = what that's showing us is how that emotional design, or that feeling design, or that reactive design, or pattern, is existent within ourselves. Because I mean we're only seeing a picture on a screen wiht words being spoken, scenarios playing out, and it's as though we were actually ourselves in that scenario. It's the same trigger points as if we were in that situation and 'that person' was saying …