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Day 286: Fundamentals of Stopping Terrorism

There are many people in the world with definitions and beliefs that justify violence - religious extremists being an example that we are all familiar with, especially these days with the conflicts around the whole 'Islamic fundamentalist' point.

Let's say you are observing the violent behavior of one of these extreme religious groups, and within yourself you are seeing, hey this is not acceptable, people are killing people because they believe that some behavior or other is going against what they believe 'god' wants people to do or not do, or say or not say. You're saying to yourself, this is not productive behavior for the human race, this needs to stop. You see that the behavior of killing and violence is like the ultimate act of saying 'I am right and you are wrong'. But - you understand that killing people because of something you believe, is not 'right' or beneficial, or indicative of practical values that support the human race. Then - …

Day 285: Our Economic Sickness

This week I was sick with a cold and fever. I spent my time at home between my bed sleeping, and my chair where I would watch movies and do a little reading on my computer. Everyone reading this can relate to the experience of being home sick, feeling really, really crappy. Maybe with the flu, puking in the toilet and feeling like you're gonna die, or burning with fever, feeling like you're gonna die, or maybe a really bad sore throat, or cough, or perhaps something even worse that lasts into the weeks.

And I'm sure that everyone can relate to at some point during your sickness, in the midst of all your suffering, having the experience of being so so so glad that at least you're at home, in a comfortable place, where you can ride it out. And, those reading this blog will also be able to relate to how easy it is to access medicine that can, in most cases alleviate really uncomfortable symptoms. I mean it's as easy as a short drive to your choice of local supermarke…