Day 282: Deconstructing My Relationship With Effort and Following Through Part 1

I was listening to a life review titled Not Realizing Your Full Potential, in which a being describes how, during his life, he experienced a heaviness and resistance toward putting effort into things, and thus ended up not doing much with his life / not living to his full potential.

Within my own life and my own process, I can say that one of the base points of my preprogramming that I've been walking with is exactly as is described in the Life Review, which is that of an experience of heaviness in relation to things that require putting in a lot of effort. And, here specifically what I'm talking about in my case is, effort as defined by consistent, disciplined, physical actions required to walk certain points to completion, such as going to college for example, or starting your own business and building it from the ground up -- things that require a constant and continuous drive and dedication with physical actions in physical space and time in order to follow through with.

I've been working with this point for quite some time in my process, and can say that I have pushed through many such resistances and have changed in many ways with regards to doing things now in my life that in my past, I would have believed impossible for me to do. However, I still face this experience of heaviness come up in relation to certain points in my life, and I can say that it still influences me in a way where I end up putting in short bursts of effort, but find it difficult to walk this effort consistently, every day -- resulting in things taking longer than I self honestly see they could if I were to not have this experience come up. And, this heaviness only comes up in relation to specific points of effort, not all points of effort, so in my next post I'll be opening this point up and investigating my relationship to the word Effort, with the goal of getting to a more specific understanding of where this experience of heaviness comes from, and how I can better assist and support myself to develop the disciplined, consistent actions I see I have the potential for, in relation to the specific responsibilities in my life that I have taken on.


  1. Very cool points shared here M. What you wrote resonated with me as well, so I look forward to the next part in this series. Thanks for sharing!


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