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Day 280: Self Forgiveness on Resisting Challenges in Life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect a negative charged judgment to the word Challenge, and to define myself within the statement of 'I do not like challenges'

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to manifest a dislike / resistance to challenges within and as myself, when I reached an age where I began to experience and face how I cannot simply do things the way I want and have things be easy, because I defined myself, my enjoyment, my ability, within the things I had already become comfortable doing, and did not understand the reality of the process of physical effort and disciplined action required to really take something from ideas and potential into actual physical reality in my life / as myself, and so reacted to situations that challenged me to give up the way I wanted to do things / imagined things, because that would mean giving up my self definition -- but I did not see or realize this at the time and so experienced…

Day 279: Humanity's Content Containment Conundrum

Looking at the world, at this reality, at our minds, at what we experience, what we know, what we don't know, how we live, what we understand, what we don't understand, what we're dealing with on a daily basis in our relationships, our jobs, our lives, what we see unfold daily, weekly, monthly, yearly on a global level, how businesses operate, how cities operate, how our money system operates, the things that we see determine our quality of life and opportunities in life, what our friendships are based on, what our families are based on, how we raise children and what we teach them, how our governments operate in our own country, and in other countries, how resources are used, the effects our lives have on the environment, the things we decide to live for, how and when and why we entertain ourselves, pain, suffering, struggle, hardship, inequality, conflict, war, addiction, suppressions, our fantasies, our desires, our fears, our beliefs, the abuses we see are unacceptab…

Day 278: Stopping the Attacker Within Me - Part 2

In my last post I walked Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment statements on the point of going into an 'attack' reaction when and as I experience certain moments of physical discomfort or pain as a result of interacting with my physical environment / world in unexpected ways.

The primary point of self correction that opened up through the Self Forgiveness statements, was that of moving myself in the moment of reaction, in that moment of physical discomfort or pain, to stop myself, and forgive myself in the moment and release / let go of the energy / reaction so that I am clear as I move into the next moment.

What I've experienced today, is that a couple of times this reaction started to come up, and each time -- I was able to stop myself, forgive myself, let go of the reaction / energy. What I've so far experienced within this is that it's like a lifting of a weight within myself and the ability to stabilize myself where, previously I had had difficulty letting go…

Day 277: Stopping the Attacker Within Me - Part 1

In the following posts I'll be investigating where and how in my world I exist as the resonant design of 'Attack', in relation to scenarios in my world in which I react within an emotion of 'powerless' / victimized / being limited'.

I'm starting with the dimension of how I see I tend to react within Anger and within wanting to 'Attack' my reality when I experience moments of physical discomfort or pain.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to, when I experience a sudden, unexpected physical discomfort or pain - like for example bumping into something, catching myself on something, having a piece of clothing get stuck or do something uncomfortable, or when something isn't working like it's supposed to, immediately react and get angry, immediately accessing blame and immediately believing in the experience of blame, immediately believing that I am justified getting angry, immediately going into a point of victimization wit…