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Day 262: Beliefs and Respect

"Horror piles on horror: Now Israeli tank shells destroy two floors of a HOSPITAL as death toll tops 550 on 14th day of conflict in Gaza"

Are beliefs a valid basis for culture?

Does a culture defined by belief deserve respect when it kills in the name of its belief?

Do beliefs validate a people's / culture's claim of ownership over a particular area of the Earth's land and resources?

Is a culture's belief / opinion valid and deserving of respect when it causes the people of that culture to justify spending years producing and developing the tools and training and resources to wage wars on other human beings that stand in the way of the fulfillment of their belief?

Does killing those who stand in the way of your beliefs / opinions / culture, prove the validity of your culture / beliefs /…

Day 261: Living By The Principle Of What Is Best For All - 1

The Desteni of Living:
Here I'm going to be expanding on my Realization, Standing, and Application within Principle 2: Living by the principle of what is best for all – guiding me in thought, word and deed to always in all ways direct problems to the best possible outcome for all.

"So really when I first started applying self investigative writing, self forgiveness, and self corrective statements and application, within that was the realization that - oh wow - I have the potential to really change myself - to really decide who I'm going to be, and really take charge of my life because I can release myself from previous thoughts, emotions, resistances, and self beliefs, and focus on testing out real physical actions -- I'm not doomed to only do what my mind tells me I can do or not do. "
The excerpt above is from Day 259: Realizing and Living my Utmost Potential - 3
So what's important to understand is that…