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Day 253: How I Realized I am not Limited to What I Prefer Doing

Getting into sales and business was a particularly difficult point for me, because I was coming from a background where my primary self definitions were that of 'being a nice person', and 'agreeing with people', and 'saying what makes people comfortable', and 'not making people react'.

These self definitions are that through which I generated energy for myself in the form of feelings and thoughts of a 'positive' charge.

I had formed these particular self definitions really as a way to suppress and hide from fears -- fear of rejection of others, fear of being bullied, fear of being ridiculed -- due to events from childhood in which I had taken many such acts personally and went into points of self judgment, inferiority, and 'feeling bad about myself'.

These self definitions shaped my decisions and actions in my life, in a way where I always made decisions about what to do, based on what would protect and support my self definition of m…

Day 252: Living Words: Daring

Yesterday I was looking at the question of what word I see would, within looking at what I am facing in my life right now, could be transformed into a Living Word through which I could assist and support myself to live my full potential that I see within me in terms of how I could be applying the skills and abilities I see I have / have the potential for.

The word I arrived at is: Daring.

Currently in my life I am walking the point of establishing a business which involves meeting a lot of new people, communicating about my product and my goals, and placing myself in sales situations. I don't have any previous experience with business and basically, the ability of my business to succeed is dependent entirely on my movement of finding people, talking to them, and selling to them.
I'm in a position within the system where I don't know a lot of people where I am, and I also have very limited time during my week in which to find ways to meet people. What I've found so f…

Day 251: Love is a Coordinated Effort of Humanity

Over the past few weeks pretty much every major news channel has bombarded us with regular updates about the search for the missing Malaysian flight.
Here's the latest from the Mail Online: Chances of finding MH370 diminish further after underwater search vessel suffers setback
A huge effort has been coordinated by multiple countries using all kinds of airplanes and search equipment to try and find clues about what happened and where the plane ended up.
It's strange what we've come to accept as our definitions of words like 'crisis', and 'emergency', and 'priority'. I mean, one airplane goes missing and apparently this is so interesting to the average person that the media is motivated to give daily updates about each little speck of debris someone spotted in the ocean that could possible be a particle from a piece of the lost …

Day 250: Woman Eats Only CHOCOLATE for a YEAR To Raise Money for Charity

A Los Angeles woman has revealed that she ate only CHOCOLATE for a YEAR to raise money for a charity that donates food to the poor.

In similar news, Reuters reports a Mumbai, India man lived for THREE YEARS inside the belly of a live BLUE WHALE to raise $1,000,000 for a charity working to build homes for the homeless.

Okay actually I made both of those up. All kidding aside though, when you look at some of the stories out there about what people do to 'raise money' to try and solve some problem, such a story is not so far fetched.

Here is a recent one from the Mail Online:
Father-of-four braves four storey-high waves to row across the Atlantic to raise £100,000 for research into his son's illness
James Prior, 49, rowed from Gran Canaria to Barbados in 32 daysMr Prior, a client director at a consultancy firm, had never rowed …