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Day 229: Two Thirds of Americans Don't Trust Each Other

"Two-thirds of Americans no longer trust each other says poll conducted last month An AP-GfK poll conducted last month found that Americans are suspicious of each other in everyday encountersLess than one-third expressed a lot of trust in clerks who swipe their credit cards, drivers on the road, or people they meet when travelingPeople stopped trusting each other during the baby boomer generation and beliefs people have in their twenties will likely stay with themDistrust encourages corruption whereas trust encourages economic growthDennis Hess, 60, goes against the grain with his unattended farm stand based on the honor system"Read more:

Polls can be quite useful because you're getting information direct from the people. It's a practical way to measure for example, a population's perception or attitude about something.
Now, this poll would appear to…

Day 228: Sorry I'm not Qualified to Understand That

Isn't it fascinating how we have all these scientific research groups and research centers and foundations with all these people with college degrees studying the effects of Poverty? For example this latest one: Children from families where the average income is £324 a week are 'more likely to suffer from ADHD' than wealthier ones
It's fascinating because - do we really need 'experts' to tell us the effects of Poverty? Do we really need to keep 'studying' poverty? Don't we all know that allowing anyone to exist in a situation where they do not have access to a good life, is neglect?

Don't we all know that a family in poverty is not going to be able to raise their child as effectively as a family with a lot of money? Why would we even try to justify the existence of a child in poverty in any way whatsoev…

Day 227: The Myth of Conscious Buying

I went to buy a winter jacket today because it's getting pretty cold where I live. Now, in case you didn't know, high quality, well made, brand name winter jackets such as insulated parkas, down jackets, fleece lined jackets, etc, when purchased new and in season, will cost you around $100 at the 'low end', and on up to $200, $300, $400 depending on the brand and the function of the jacket. For example, clothing made for 'outdoor activities' like hiking and snow sports are the most expensive. All of the jackets I looked at were obviously made in one Asian country or another, because of the cheap labor. And, when you look at the money we're spending every year on such products -- it's obvious the outdoor clothing industry is extremely profitable.

Now, many of us like the idea of making 'responsible, conscious choices' as consumers, for instance in buying as much locally made stuff as we can, and trying to avoid supporting the 'big corporatio…

Day 226: Living Income Guaranteed will Prevent Destruction of Homes

"A victim of a monster tornado that ravaged Washington, Illinois on Sunday has revealed the heartbreaking moment he watched the storm destroy his 'dream house'.
Speaking with a bandage across his face, Kris Lancaster vowed to rebuild the home - now reduced to rubble - where he and his wife Mandy have raised their children for the past two years.
'It was the home that we worked so hard through our lives to get,' he told Good Morning America on Monday. 'To get into a better neighborhood, better town, better school district.
'We've only lived here two years and our dream home has gone.'" 'Our dream home is gone': Illinois tornado victim who was hit with debris as he escaped monster storm recounts tragedy of losing house he worked for years to build

You know, thi…

Day 225: Grey's Anatomy: The Immaturity of Love

I've been watching the Grey's Anatomy series, which is a great show to watch to see examples of how ridiculous and immature our accepted definition of relationships really is.
In the beginning of the series, we're introduced to a group of surgical interns freshly arrived at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital. One of the first story lines that develops is intern George O'Malley's crush on another intern, Meredith Grey. It's one of those scenarios where the person sees another person, has a few interactions with them, and almost immediately is thrown into an experience of 'I'm in love with this person'. However George does not tell Meredith how he feels, and as the season unfolds, a recurring theme is intern George O'Malley being given a 'hard time' by his other intern pals, who are constantly pushing him to reveal how he feels about intern Meredith.
So, as the season progresses, we arrive at an episode in which George strikes up a '…

Day 224: How can we See if we only see Thoughts?

The Consciousness of the Tiger Part 1

In this interview the Tigers share how they see within their existence as Tigers, and perspective is given on how in our minds, when we're experiencing a thought come up, and we're following this thought and participating in it and focusing on it --- it's like we're seeing only this one brick in a wall and in that moment it's like the only thing that exists / is within our consideration -- this thought. It's like we're in this existence which is just this thought, within our head -- with all the experience like feelings and emotions that might be coming up with the thought.

Meanwhile -- while we're sitting there thinking, in this little 'thinking existence' -- there's an entire existence going on around us.

So the question is -- how can we ever actually have a world of Oneness and Harmony where we all live in consideration of each other, when we're not in fact - in every moment of breath living and …

Day 223: Watching TV with Self Awareness Part 2

Continuing from the last post where I gave the following example of an experience coming up when watching a specific scene in the movie 'A History of Violence':

"For example, a point that had come up before, which I've since dealt with, is when I was watching a scene in the movie A History of Violence, where there's this high school kid getting bullied / pushed around by this guy at school, and the smaller guy reaches a 'breaking point' and 'flips out' and ends up beating up the bigger bully guy. Well within this as I was watching it, when the guy was getting bullied, the reactions coming up within me were those of  - 'that's not fair', 'that guy is a jerk', with emotions of frustration and feeling helpless and humiliated, and an adrenaline and anger building within me, wanting to see the bully get beat up / hurt -- and then when the smaller guy ends up beating the bully up -- there's this big adrenaline rush and feeling of …

Day 222: Dying in the Desert in Search of Money

"Horrific deaths of 87 migrants - including 48 children - who died of thirst in the Niger desert after their buses broke down on desperate journey to Algeria Seven men, 32 women and 48 children found near the Algerian borderBodies were badly decomposed and had been eaten, possibly by jackalsFound scattered across a 20km radius in small groups, often under treesChildren and teenagers may have been heading for low-paid jobs in AlgeriaAll died in early October after failed bid to escape Nigerien town of ArlitLeft stranded in Sahara after both vehicles carrying them broke down"Read more:
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When will we face the fact that in this Internet Age, we are provided with enough information daily which demonstrates that there is in fact no freedom in this world? Information that demonstrates that in fact th…