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Day 213: Lovely Day for a Carriage Ride!

" collapsed while pulling a carriage through downtown traffic in sweltering heat.Jerry was left lying for several hours on the scorching pavement, before his owners eventually moved him via forklift to a nearby stable."

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Yes many cities, including Seattle where I live, have these 'horse drawn carriage' rides where the horse pulls tourists in a carriage down the busting downtown streets. Apparently tourists find some kind of enjoyment or novelty in having a horse pull you in a carriage down a street so you can look at the buildings and cars.
Things like this only exist as a way to make money. I mean, do you really think these 'horse drawn carriage' companies would exist if everyone had access to the things required…

Day 212: Desteni as a Higher Education with Integrity Part 2: Human Nature

I'm now continuing with sharing my experience of witnessing / experiencing Desteni as a Higher Education with Integrity.

In John Taylor Gatto's research into the elite American private boarding schools which appear to produce most of the country's leadership, he set out to establish what set the curriculum of these schools apart from the public school curriculum, within seeing how these private schools are producing the 'big players' in leadership.

In his video 'The Underground History of American Education', Gatto outlines a set of principles that define the curriculum of these elite schools.

When I watched the video and heard him describing the principles, I immediately saw how over the years as I've been walking with others in the Desteni group, I've been supported to apply and become effective in many of these education principles - though within utilizing such principles / curriculum from a starting point of Integrity as the development of pra…

Day 211 - The End of God in Our Destiny as Life Equal

When I started applying the Desteni tools - being Here, standing one and equal with what is Here in and as the Physical reality in every Breath - I started Facing myself for the first time in my life - I started noticing what's actually going on inside me for the first time in my life. I mean it was simple. The perspective shared was -- if you are not Here in every moment of breath -- where are you? Duh - in my mind. And -- obviously within that I could see that my mind -- the alternate reality of thoughts, feelings, emotions, fantasies, imagination, beliefs, etc -- is not in fact who I really am -- not in fact 'reality'. Because -- if it's real -- it is Here -- whereas what I immediately noticed when I started Breathing and Stopping myself participating within for example, the love and light and fantasies about higher dimensions -- all the spirituality I had been participating in -- was that it all vanished in the blink of an eye -- or in this case, in the blink of a…

Day 210: Bernard Poolman Was An Extremist

Bernard Poolman was an Extremist.

Bernard showed us what it is to be the change you wish to see. To not settle for just words or sentiment or feelings or pictures or hope, but to do it for real.

This is a world filled with Extreme Abuse, Extreme Suffering, Extreme Inequality, Extreme Neglect.
In a world of Extreme Abuse, Bernard had the guts to Stand Up and Give himself an Extreme Ultimatum - will I be Life? Will I be what is Best for All? Or will I not be Life? Will I not be what is Best for All?

Bernard had the guts to put in the time, the effort, the pain of walking the path of the Pain of Real Change, and then he had the guts to present a message giving this ultimatum to the rest of Humanity, showing clear examples of how it is in fact possible to walk the same process he did, and change for real so we can have a new world.

Those of us at Desteni are simply those who Heard this message and made the Choice -- I will be Life - I do not accept or allow anything less of myself than…

Day 209: Desteni as A Higher Education With Integrity Part 1

I'm now going to be writing some blogs where I will show how the Desteni tools have enabled me to assist and support myself to walk a form of higher education with integrity, giving effective direction to my life in walking the development of the skills required to take responsibility for this world.

I'm beginning with some important facts about the American Education System to give context for further blogs.

In John Taylor Gatto's The Underground History of American Education, ( Mr. Gatto explains how in the 2000 Presidential race, 4 out of the 6 finalists for the Presidency were graduates of one or another of a handful of elite private boarding schools that together graduate a total of only about 1000 people per year. 1000 people in a population of over 300 million, and 4 out of 6 of those up for Presidential election came from these schools. In contrast, about 2.5 - 2.8 million students graduate high school each year in America in total. (ht…