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Day 200: Getting Lost in the Naked Spiritual Quest

"Woman missing in Washington state forest after going on naked 'spiritual quest' with nothing but a fanny pack"
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Why are we so stuck in the Quest to escape the Physical Reality of what is here?
Why do we believe our imagination is showing us a real reality, when we all know our imagination is just make believe and that we cannot for instance, use our imagination to change the economic system or be able to live without money?

It seems no one learned the lesson of 2012. The lesson was that -- the entire starting point of spirituality is a Self Deception - pretending we know something when it is in fact just stories in our mind we like the sound of, which we 'bring to life' through connecting feelings to it where we then convince ourselves that we're 'experiencing another reality' -- not even seeing that…

Day 199: A Living Wage is a Basic Human Right - Why is the Minimum Not Enough to Live?

Here I'm placing some questions in relation to the recent strikes in Seattle by fast food workers demanding a pay raise to a 'living wage'.
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"Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn supported the striking fast food workers with several Twitter tweets.
"I support fast food workers' organizing effort because they deserve a living wage that can support their families. #strikepoverty," one of his tweets read."

Why is a living wage not a Human Right?

Why is the minimum wage not enough to live effectively? Why does the minimum wage not provide a minimum of a comfortable, stress free life which obviously is a human right?

Why do workers hav…

Day 198: Tao Te Ching to Self Freedom: Acting without Thinking

This is a continuation of an exploration of quotes from the To Te Ching by Lao Tzu: Day 196: Questions to Awaken you to the Path of Enlightenment Day 197: Tao Te Ching for a New Humanity - Belief and Timelessness
"(It is the way of the Tao) to act without (thinking of) acting; to conduct affairs without (feeling the) trouble of them"
– Lao Tzu Let's look at these statements from the starting point of the - let's call it the 'Tao of Desteni' -- which is simply the message that suggests the best way to live is to be Self Honest - which is to face the actual 'Who I Am' within each Thought, each Feeling, each Emotion, each Belief, each Opinion, each Definition we Accept and Participate in - which then determines how we live and what we support to exist not only in ourselves but in everyone else and i…