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Day 194: Game of Thrones and my Relationship with Power

So I was watching Game of Thrones, and I noticed a peculiar experience come up within me in relation to seeing the characters which display 'the most power' and 'the most ability to subjugate others' - which is an experience of 'awe' and 'respect' -- where, if I imagine being in the presence of someone with so much power that no one can 'threaten them' -- what comes up is an 'awe' and 'respect', and wanting their acceptance

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define a show of power and an ability of someone to harm and kill others, as a value worthy of a feeling of respect and awe, and to believe it is 'natural' to exist within respect and awe of power, instead of realizing that this respect and awe is the product of FEAR - fear to lose my own life, and thus the respect and awe is what I accepted and allowed myself to become as a character / personality to protect my own survival -- not realizing …

Day 193: Sales Secrets of Spirituality Part 2: What Are You Being Sold?

Let's now look at how Spirituality functions the same way Sales functions.

Spirituality is about Belief. Your 'Core Beliefs'. And, if you have a look at the Experiences of for example Love and Light, and Awareness, and Awakeness, it's like this 'Spirit' that seems to get Sparked within us as we go through a process of coming to a clear decision about what we are Believing in. Like, with my 'spiritual awakening' experience I had, it was a process of moving from a state of 'not knowing what to believe', to a state of deciding 'Yes, THIS is what I believe'. For example in my case -- 'the world is in the process of ascending to a higher dimension, and me with it, and I am here to spread this message, and the way we will reach this higher dimension, free from suffering and limitation, is to Trust and Know that there is a Loving Creator and that everything is Perfect and that all we have to do is Abide in this Knowing and fill ourselves wi…

Day 192: Sales Secrets of Spirituality Part 1

Spiritual people are the best customers. Spiritual people are best consumers. Spirituality in fact protects the Profit Motive in this world. 
How? Because Spirituality dictates a Law that if it Feels Good -- it MUST be Good, and that Good Decisions are thus Directed by Feeling.
This is obviously Perfect for Advertisers and Salespeople because - if they want you to Buy something, all they have to do is tap into that which makes you Feel Good.

When I started studying Sales and Marketing, I found a world that, as a Lightworker I never had any idea existed. In studying Sales Training, in particular the work of Tom Hopkins, I found a vast body of material - very specific methods, that if you apply in the context where you're wanting someone to make a particular Decision, you can in fact Mind Control them to make the Decision YOU want them to make.

The basic Principle of how this works, is that a salesperson / advertiser understands that a person will Buy something based on how it be…