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Day 188: Rodeo Lawsuit: Why does the Law Protect Stupidity?

Devastated father sues 'negligent' rodeo over 16-year-old daughter's death
Read more: years after a teenage girl died in an bull riding accident in Brandon, Florida, her father is suing the rodeo for negligence.
Brooke Ann Coats, 16, was thrown off the animal during the amateur event at Crosstown Arena on February 18, 2011. The bull kicked her in the chest and the keen rider died just 90 minutes later.
Now Keith Coats has filed a suit against 18 defendants involved with the rodeo, including Corey Costa and his company, Remington Rough Stock Inc, who ran the events.
Keith and his wife Susan allege that Costa allowed their daughter to ride an 'aggressive bull above her skill level,' of failing to provide emergency personnel at the arena, and of waiting at least 15 to 20 minutes to call an ambulance after the teenager was kicked.
Coats ha…

Day 187: New Pill Sobers you up in Seconds - Why is Science Justifying Poison?

I'll drink to that! New 'alcohol busting' drug that sobers you up in seconds being developed by MIT scientists
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scientists are working on a pill containing a 'cocktail' of enzymes that rapidly metabolize alcohol that could sober you up in seconds. And, unsurprisingly, this pill is being tested on mice. The 'scientists' give the mice alcohol and then attempt to sober them up using the enzymes. And - also unsurprisingly, it is not even considered in the slightest that maybe the best way to sober up is to --- GASP -- stop drinking alcohol. I mean, alcohol is after all a poison that impairs your ability to function in the most basic ways, and causes people daily to injure and kill each other, crash their cars, behave like complete idiots, and do a variety of things you later regret doing. And - people get drunk in full awareness that th…

Day 186: Would you be the Same if I Saw you in Heaven?

I used to believe that when I die, people I knew in my life would be there in the afterlife, like in some form that I remember them as. You know, that whole idea of being 'reunited' with your family / friends after death?

But only after I began studying my personality, my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings and emotions, my reactions, my physical behavior patterns - did I come to realize and see that, hey -- this name / personality / family / culture that I believed is 'who I am', and 'who my family members are' and 'who my friends are' -- is not who I really am at all. It's just a program, a design.

What I realized, and what's not seen at all in this world is that, my personality -- meaning my thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, desires, dreams, hopes, speech patterns, nationality, etc -- and the personality of my friends and 'loved ones' -- did not exist at birth -- it developed over time through environmental influences where the pe…

Day 185: Are we Earthlings or Aliens? Secrets of the Human Race

Aliens are the Personalities that Invade the Orb on top of the human Physical Body and cause the human to Orbit Planet Earth on flights of Imagination.

What's strange about the whole 'aliens / extraterrestrials / advanced spiritual races / cosmic beings / galactic family' thing within New Age, is that the various types of races of aliens that are described in channeled messages, are all very ordered and specific in terms of coming from a specific planet, looking a certain way, having certain characteristics, and having reached like a 'unity' as a race in their development. Where, only AFTER they became 'advanced' and 'unified' as a race, did they then set out to contact other planets. I mean, the whole foundation of their 'advancement' - the 'prerequisite' so to speak, was that they FIRST learned how to live in harmony with each other as a species -- before they turned their attention / consideration to other planets and to exploring…

Day 184: Misophonia: Self Forgiveness on Anger toward Eating Sounds

Continuation of:Day 183: Misophonia: Why do Eating Sounds make me Angry?

Another fascinating dimension of the whole 'irritated by the sound of people eating' point, also known as 'Misophonia' - an actual official 'disorder', is the point of how - when we're alone, by ourselves, eating --- we don't get irritated at the sound of OURSELVES eating. I'm sure those who are walking with this 'eating sounds irritation' point, can see clearly how -- we'll make smacking sounds, we'll chew with our mouth open when we're alone. I mean, we just eat, comfortably, naturally. It's only when someone ELSE is making the sounds that we get irritated / angry -- and we'll make sure that when we're around others we ourselves will chew quietly, mouth closed, as little sound as possible. This simply shows how when eating around others, we go into a total suppression, within the belief / idea of 'politeness' and 'good manners'…