Day 180: My Process of Change - Being Shown the Way

My process of Change started when I was shown the question of - if the essence of Me is Life - then isn't the Essence of Everything Life because everything is Here the same as me? Isn't this Life, Source Essence that is Equal in All - ME? Isn't all that exists then..Me?
My process of Change started with the question - If All that exists is Me, if I stand AS all as one as equal as ME -- what am I experiencing? What is the world that I am being born into, as Life?


Within this seeing that - although we are different beings, we all have the same essence - we are all the same Self as Life - and thus, to consider another as Less than Me, as separate from me, as not my responsibility - is an act of Self Abuse. An act of Self Separation, an act of Self Disregard.

Within this, I could immediately see that all my thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, fantasies -- all existed within the starting point of an illusionary idea of 'self'. An idea of self as being separate. I mean how else could I live out my life, feeling 'happy' and 'satisfied', in a world where the most horrific abuse and disregard for life - the same life that is in ME, is a reality for so many? How else could one feel happy and satisfied that one's children are being starved and abused, if not within a complete possession with an idea that their circumstance is not my responsibility, those people are separate from me, and there is absolutely nothing I can do and that the best way for me to exist is to make myself feel happy?

My process of change started with making the Decision to, in every moment Stand as All as One as Equal - as Life - to place everyone and everything in this world inside me - and to trust myself that I will in all ways, as all as one as equal, become what is best for all life as Me. Within this, it became immediately obvious where I had previously existed within a starting point of preoccupation within Self Interest, which is every point where I would accept a feeling, a thought, a desire, an emotion, and just go where the experience directs me to go, without questioning whether this experience is actually Best.

My Process of Change started with the realization that I was preprogrammed - otherwise, why hadn't I ever considered myself as Life?

My Process of Change started with the realization that I had never been Self Honest - for example, I believed that Who I Am is my Name, my Family, my Nationality - not seeing that, if I had been born somewhere else - my name, family, and nationality would be different and that thus my idea of who I am is just a program placed in after birth. That I had never known myself as Life - as an Individual expression of Life -- I had only known myself as a program of knowledge and information that I believed is Who I Am.

My Process of Change started with seeing that the reason abuse exists in this world, is because we are not Here as Individual Expressions of the same Life - we are here as programs, as ideas, of knowledge and information - each trying to survive and defend ourselves as our program, as our idea of ourselves, as our self definition -- a self definition that does not include the consideration of Me as Life as All as One as Equal.

My Process of Change started with seeing that in seeing this - I can no longer accept and allow myself to follow my thoughts, feelings, emotions, reactions, desires -- because I could see my thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, reactions are the Character of my preprogrammed Idea of myself that only wants to survive as Experiences, as preoccupation -- in Separation of Me, Self, as Life - as All as One as Equal.

My Process of Change started with thus realizing that -- to be here as Life in fact - I now am faced with walking a process of seeing, realizing, understanding, every experience that arises in me, and removing everything that is not Life - everything that is an Experience Designed in Self Interest as an Idea of Self that stands in separation of Me as Life as all as one as equal.

My Process of Change started with realizing that if I am to be Life in fact, I have to take Self Responsibility for everything that exists in me, to see, realize, and understand everything that I exist as and experience myself as - so that I can Direct myself in all ways to a point of action that is Best for all Life as Me.

My Process of Change started with being shown Self Forgiveness. Being shown that, in seeing where I've accepted and allowed myself to be directed by a thought, a feeling, an emotion - a point of Survival as an Experience of an Idea of myself based on Self Interest / Standing in Separation of Me as Life as all as one as equal, I am able to Forgive Myself for Accepting and Allowing myself to define myself within the idea, within the point of Self Interest, so I can be Free to Change in how I live -- so that I can be free to Direct myself in investigating what is the action that is Best for All - and then Walk the new action - actually changing my Nature from that of being directed by an experience designed in Separation of Me as life as all as one as equal, to Directing myself as Life - where my Actions become an Expression of Me as Life.

My Process of Change started with being shown how to Breathe. Where, I realized in every moment of Breath, I am deciding Who I Am, deciding what I will participate in, what I will support, what I will Accept and Allow. And that thus I can Walk my Process of Self Investigation, Self Forgiveness, and Change - in every moment of Breath. I was fascinated to see how, when I am not aware of my Breath -- I am not Here in Reality -- I leave Reality, I leave HERE, to go into an experience designed in separation of Me as Life Breathing Here, with all that is Here in and as this Reality. And so when I SEE that I am not Here, Breathing -- I STOP. I Stop myself and I bring myself back to Breath, back Here to Reality, back Here standing as Life as all as one as equal.

My Process of Change started with realizing that Change takes Effort. Change takes Dedication. Change takes the Decision in every single moment of Breath - to become Life, and to Stop existing as that which is Not Life, that which is just preprogrammed experiences designed without consideration of what is Best for All.

My Process of Change started with realizing that - someone else figured out how to do this before me - and that's fine. Because if it is best for all Life - then it is irrelevant who realized it first. We can't all have 'the answer' and 'the truth' -- because, the only Truth is that which is either best for all, or not best for all.

More on my Process of Change in posts to come.

Anyone can begin the process of change with the free Desteni I Process Lite course online.

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