Day 177: Human Potential Part 1

Is Human Potential and Self Expression defined only by the transformation of a consumer from being trapped in a dead end job, to someone that achieves financial success and the freedom to buy the lifestyle of your choice?

Is Self Expression defined by a Consumer's ability to repeat to themselves in their head 'I am rich, I am wealthy, I am successful, I am great, I am a money magnet, I am love, I am bliss, money flows to me effortlessly', and become excited as they imagine themselves having lots of money and being rich, so that all that exists is this picture of being rich and the feeling of being rich? Is that Human Potential Perfected?

Is Human Potential the ability to Choose to Believe that there is no society, there is only 'me the Individual' while ignoring the fact that the language, name, knowledge, definitions one learned, came from other people?

Is Human Potential the ability of a Consumer to forget about everything and everyone and focus only on the attain of financial success to buy products and services?

Is Human Potential the the ability to Choose to Believe that by the Consumer taking only actions of following desire and thoughts and imagination, that the world will become a paradise for everyone?

Is Human Potential the ability to Choose to Believe that when enough consumers are experiencing feelings of joy and repeating to themselves 'I am love, I am free, I am rich, I am joy, I live in my own reality' - that those who control the Earth's resources for profit will magically wave their hands and make poverty and starvation disappear and clean up all the pollution and restore the environment?

Is Human Potential the ability to look at starvation and poverty and say 'that is an illusion, there is no pain, suffering is not real, only my happiness and positive thoughts are real'?

Is Human Potential the ability to Choose to Ignore the fact that your food, clothes, water, medicine, electricity, gas, internet, cell phone service, is dependent on the cooperation of humans to work together to produce these things, and say 'I'm creating my reality with my positive energy, I live in my own reality, there is no society'?

Is Human Potential the ability to believe that the Universe will provide you with what you desire forever, on a planet of Finite resources?

Is Human Potential the ability to accept Self as being so limited that Self Fulfillment is defined by imagining pictures in the mind?

More on Human Potential in the next post.

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