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Day 183: Misophonia: Why do Eating Sounds make me Angry?

'I can't be around that person because they chew their food loudly and it makes me angry and irritated! Why can't they just chew their food quietly?!?'


Did you know this is actually classified as a disorder called 'Misophonia'?

"We've all dealt with that one classmate or co-worker that would eat his/her food obnoxiously loud, chomp away, and slurp soda as if no one else was around. While some cringe and move on, it turns out that for some people, these sounds can be a trigger for outrage -- a symptom for a real diagnosed abnormality.
This "physiological abnormality" is called misophonia, and diagnosed people instantly feel rage, and "feel their chest tighten," when they hear the sounds of other people eating or breathing.
The anxiety and overwhelming rage is so pronounced that some, like Ms. Siganoff, reported by NYtimes, can't eat at the same table with her husband.
There are no effective treatment as of now, and people w…

Day 182: The Secret to Understanding Rage

When the Positive Thinking Cage is broken by Reality and the Inner Dictator is released to Wage a War of Revenge to Destroy all who stand in the way of Happiness.
We'll look at how to stop rage in posts to come.
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I create my artwork using Photoshop, which I taught myself how to use.

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Day 181: Human Nature and the True Dare-Devil

Climber, 22, dies after falling 300ft while scaling ridge on Ben NevisRead more:

The moment snowmobile rider crashed during X-Games stunt and had to be rushed to emergency heart surgery Read more:

Why do we risk our lives chasing thrills and danger? Sure, climbing stuff can be fun, doing tricks on your bike or snowmobile I'm sure is fun. But why do we push ourselves to increasing levels of risk and danger? So we can say that we 'accomplished' something? So we can win a trophy proving that we're the 'best' and 'most daring and fearless' and then feel all brave and strong and heroic?
Isn't it because we've accepted an idea of ourselves as being this little, insignificant, limi…

Day 180: My Process of Change - Being Shown the Way

My process of Change started when I was shown the question of - if the essence of Me is Life - then isn't the Essence of Everything Life because everything is Here the same as me? Isn't this Life, Source Essence that is Equal in All - ME? Isn't all that exists then..Me?
My process of Change started with the question - If All that exists is Me, if I stand AS all as one as equal as ME -- what am I experiencing? What is the world that I am being born into, as Life?

Within this seeing that - although we are different beings, we all have the same essence - we are all the same Self as Life - and thus, to consider another as Less than Me, as separate from me, as not my responsibility - is an act of Self Abuse. An act of Self Separation, an act of Self Disregard.

Within this, I could immediately see that all my thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, fantasies -- all existed within the starting point of an illusionary idea of 's…

Day 179: Race to save the Ancient Language of Jesus

"Race to save the language of Jesus: Aramaic in danger of becoming extinct as  number of speakers of ancient tongue plummets
Language once widely used in Middle East but speakers are now scatteredAramaic is believed to have been used by Jesus and his disciples British linguist Geoffrey Khan developing database of recordings Aramaic is not alone as an endangered language. Around Fifty to 90 percent of the roughly 7,000 languages currently spoken worldwide are expected to die out by the end of the century, reports"Read more: Wonderful news! This is exactly what we need - more languages dying off. And, I'm not being sarcastic here. I mean, do we really need thousands of years old languages that have no practical purpose? The only reason someone would want to preserve this ancient language is for sen…

Day 178: Human Potential Part 2

"The main goal of the Human Movement Potential is to teach you that you, and anyone else that so desires, can develop your own potential so that you can live the life that you want to live, and you can do this while being happy and fulfilled at the same time." How can 'anyone that so desires', develop their full potential and live the life they want to live, when there are those in this world that have no money, and no access to support, with the physical pain of starvation causing you to lay on the ground all day because you don't have enough energy to walk?

How can 'anyone that so desires' develop their full potential and live the life they want to live, when you are so poor that your wants consist of simple things like getting food for the day, and finding a safe place to sleep?

How about a child wanting to escape from sex slavery? How can a person have any idea what their potential might be and wha…

Day 177: Human Potential Part 1

Is Human Potential and Self Expression defined only by the transformation of a consumer from being trapped in a dead end job, to someone that achieves financial success and the freedom to buy the lifestyle of your choice?

Is Self Expression defined by a Consumer's ability to repeat to themselves in their head 'I am rich, I am wealthy, I am successful, I am great, I am a money magnet, I am love, I am bliss, money flows to me effortlessly', and become excited as they imagine themselves having lots of money and being rich, so that all that exists is this picture of being rich and the feeling of being rich? Is that Human Potential Perfected?

Is Human Potential the ability to Choose to Believe that there is no society, there is only 'me the Individual' while ignoring the fact that the language, name, knowledge, definitions one learned, came from other people?

Is Human Potential the ability of a Consumer to forget about everything and everyone and focus only on the atta…

Day 176: Blood Coltan: African Conflict Mineral and the Solution of Equal Money Capitalism


I recently learned about a mineral called Coltan, short for Columbite-Tantalite, which is required for the production of Tantalum Capacitors which are used in almost every kind of electronic device. Coltan is best known for its use in the production of cell phones.

Where does Coltan come from? Currently Coltan is mined in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, China, Ethiopia, and Mozambique. The Democratic Republic of Congo holds at least 64% and possibly as much as 80% of the world's Coltan supply.

Here's a little recent history regarding the demand for Coltan and the Problem involved, from an article By Edoardo Totolo for ISN Security Watch: "The eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is extremely rich in Coltan (Columbite-Tantalite), a rare metallic ore used for the production of electronic goods of mass consumption, such as mobile phones, laptops and videogame consoles, whose profits have fueled the largest conflict in modern …

Day 175: The Role of Market Dominance in Technological Failure

Grounded! All U.S. Dreamliners banned indefinitely from the air after TWO Boeing 787s made emergency landings this month
Read more:
All of Boeing's new 787 'Dreamliner' airplanes have been grounded due to multiple cases of faulty batteries. The batteries are part of a new technology that enables the plane to burn 20% less fuel than older technology used by rival jetliners. The Dreamliner was supposed to set a 'new standard' in jet travel, but Boeing had experienced years of delays and cost overruns that some say caused Boeing to rush to get the planes built, resulting in the recent problems.
Within our current Capitalist system, technology advances are primarily the product of competition between companies to see who can develop the best technology, the best product, in order to dominate the market and make the biggest…

Day 174: Teacher Fired for Porn Past - Sabotaged by Survival

Stacey Halas, a middle school science teacher, was fired after students discovered she had starred in porn movies in the past. She's lost her bid to return to work as a teacher after 3 judges ruled she is unfit for the classroom.

She says she only did porn to make money during a nine month period when she was experiencing financial problems, and has not been involved in porn since. And though acting in porn is legal, the fact that her pornographic material is still available on the internet for students to see, has sabotaged her chance to work as a teacher. "Judge Cabos-Owen wrote: 'Although (Halas') pornography career has concluded, the ongoing availability of her pornographic materials on the Internet will continue to impede her from being an effective teacher and respected colleague.'" Read more: This scenario demonstrates how, within the current system Laws …