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Day 167: Peak Oil and the Spiritual Blind Spot

To anyone currently practicing the Law of Attraction, or any other form of spirituality for that matter, I highly suggest watching the documentary 'Blind Spot'.
This is essential viewing for anyone interested in actually understanding Reality.

The pervasive idea within spirituality is that the Physical Reality is just an illusion, and that the feelings and experiences of Consciousness as love and light, bliss and happiness are the 'real reality'; that the spiritual experience is independent of the Physical World.

I used to believe this - but that's just because the education system in this world does not teach people how this reality works.

We live within a money system. A consumer system. This system consumes physical resources of the Earth in the production of physical infrastructure and industry through which we consume goods and services that enhance our lives. We get access to these goods and services with money. Mone…

Day 166: Mother $70,000 in Debt Drowns her Autistic Son

"Mother admits she drowned autistic son, 4, in bathtub because 'she was sick of taking care of him' and was $70,000 in debt after paying for his care" Read more:

Isn't the right to life and liberty where you don't have to worry about not having enough money? Isn't the right to life and liberty where if you need medical treatment for yourself or your family, you can simply get it because you need it? Where is the life and liberty in being forced into tens of thousands of dollars of debt because the medical system requires you to pay to get treatment for your child's health problem? Everyone knows that debt plays a major role in psychological stress leading to all kinds of harmful behavior like suicides, murders, theft - where people end up in a position of being trapped by their debt an…

Day 165: Chinese Labor Camp Worker's Plea for Help

"Plea for help from Chinese labor camp worker paid $1.61 per MONTH found stuffed in Oregon woman's Halloween decorations from Kmart"

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The author of the note described how the people in the work camp have to work 15 hours a day for almost no pay, with no weekends off, and no holidays - or else the workers will suffer torture and beatings. The laborers have been sent to the camp as punishment for having beliefs that oppose the government regime. The author includes a request to send the letter to the World Human Rights Organization.

As horrific as this sounds, it's definitely not 'news'. Nobody reads this and gasps in complete shock and says 'oh my god, I cannot believe this exists!! How is it that there is someone on Earth that …

Day 164: It's the Most Delusional Time of the Year

Somebody help me understand:

Why do we still accept and allow christmas to exist even when we see the horrific level of self interest and disregard for the earth and other beings involved in this holiday?
Breeding trees and turkeys by the millions and then killing them to satisfy our desire to relive a childhood memory over and over again each year, going out and buying 'gifts' for people because we're afraid that if we don't, they'll think we don't love them! Fucking with our children by telling them some magical being exists that gives toys to good little children who obey their parents, what's the point? Why do children need to 'believe in santa claus'? What value does such a delusion have for this world? Isn't it obviously just to satisfy the Parent's desire to pass on their own point of nostalgia? Isn't that child abuse? I mean you're programming the child to separate themselves from REALITY into an alternate reality of beliefs…

Day 163: Self as Pictures vs. Self as Life

I've had this tendency to, as I'm working on pictures to use for my blog template, go into this point of obsessiveness within the statement of 'I can't stop until I reach total perfection in this picture's representation of my blog - I must be able to look at this picture and see the totality of the principles I'm living within my expression as this blog.'

I experience this as a physical tightening, like I'm trying to squeeze the entirety of who I am into and as this picture representation, moving the mouse, clicking away, making endless adjustments to color, contrast, arrangement, alignment, texture.

Within this I've tended to ignore my other responsibilities, believing that it is important that I get this picture perfect, and that I can't be satisfied with my blog until I achieve a picture to use in it that absolutely, perfectly represents my blog.

I'll then end up with a lot of responsibilities still to get to, and not enough time to get…

Day 162: You're Fired because I can't stop having Sexual Thoughts about you!

A dentist has fired his assistant, because he claimed she is 'irresistibly attractive', and couldn't have her around because he was afraid he'll start having an affair with her and ruin his marriage. When the woman took him to court on charges of discrimination, the judge ruled in favor of the horny dentist, judging it valid to fire the woman because she posed a 'threat' to the dentist's marriage.

Is this woman too sexy to be a dental assistant? Judges back married dentist who fired aide he said was 'irresistibly attractive' and a 'threat to his marriage'

Yes, this is humanity. Whether it's the apparent inability to stop having sexualthoughts about someone, or the apparent inability to stop having violent thoughts about someone, the signs of the times indicate humanity is defini…