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Day 152: Slaves of Dubai - Exposing the Darkness behind the Glittering Lights of Progress

Come with me on a journey to Dubai, the glittering 'crown jewel' of the United Arab Emirates, renowned for its many skyscrapers including the world's tallest building. Millions of tourists visit Dubai each year to indulge in its extensive high-end shopping opportunities.

Marvel at the spectacular fruits of Capitalism. Where once there was desert, now stands one of the fastest growing cities in the world.

And this towering Metropolis would not be standing if it weren't for the wonders of modern slavery. Whoops - I mean, the wonders of Freedom and Liberty. Because, if you read the UAE's constitution, it would seem to indicate that the labor behind the construction of Dubai, is the result of Free choice to participate in the Occupation of Labor, by Equal citizens whose Liberty and Human Rights are protected by Law:

"Human rights are legally protected by the Constitution of the United Arab Emirates, which confers equality,liberty, rule of law, presumption of innoce…

Day 151: Does colonizing Mars indicate Intelligent Behavior?

Billionaire space pioneer announces plan to colonise Mars with 80,000 people in two decades

Why is colonizing Mars with 80,000 rich people 20 years from now a more important pursuit than making sure everyone on Earth is fed? Doesn't this billionaire realize 25,000 people die of poverty every day?

Why is building sustainable housing and growing food on Mars for rich people more important than building sustainable housing and growing food for everyone on Earth? Doesn't this billionaire realize that half the world is in poverty with insufficient housing?

"At Mars, you can start a self-sustaining civilization and grow it into something really big,' he told the Royal Aeronautical Society in London last week while awarded the society’s gold medal for his contribution to the commercialization of space."

What about establishing a self-sustaini…

Day 150: Does the Weather have the power to change my Mood?

So here we have an amazing new invention; a piece of headgear that emits a bright light that is then reflected onto the eyes by a curved reflector.

"These bizarre glasses, developed by three Danish engineers, claim to be able to offer a dose of 'bright, white daylight' in just 30 minutes for those suffering in the seasonal gloom."

"The makers say wearing the glasses for up to 30 minutes a day will mean 'you'll have much more energy during those long, dark winter months'." Read more:
The purpose of these 'sun glasses' is to improve the mood of those who tend to become depressed in dark, winter weather.

But let's investigate Moods a bit. So we have these 'bad moods' and 'good moods', where certain chemical processess take place, which produce certain experiences in…

Day 149: Human Consciousness in the Journey to Source

The New Age suggests that the entire physical Universe is the product of Human Consciousness -- you know, which in the New Age is defined as a warm and fuzzy feeling of light and love -- which, oddly enough did not exist at birth, but was conditioned through exposure to knowledge and information, interpreted through Language as Definitions that were TAUGHT to the person by other people - Language that did not exist at birth. Strange how the New Age fails to see that the New Age Consciousness Experience is a Personality Experience that is Designed gradually over a period of years through utilizing Knowledge and Information to construct Belief systems forming the foundation of Self Ideas that one Practices through Meditation and Visualization and Affirmation until it becomes Automated as just the 'Experience' -- and this Experience is then claimed to be 'the eternal truth that transcends physical reality' - in spite of the fact that again, it did not exist at Birth. And…

Day 148: What Economists Fail to see in the Claim that Happiness leads to Wealth

So according to some economists, making sure your child grows up happy is the best investment you can make in their future. Why? Because if you're happy, you're more likely to grow up to be wealthy!

"A data analysis of 15,000 young adults in the U.S. by economists at University College London, revealed that those who reported higher levels of life satisfaction, went on to receive larger paychecks than their gloomy counterparts. This is due to the fact that people with sunny dispositions are more likely to be outgoing, finish a degree, secure work and get promoted quicker."

Read more:

Since all parents know that if you don't have money you will suffer, 'naturally' they would want their child to become wealthy to escape the suffering and limitation that comes with poverty. And according to this research, it would…

Day 147: Stargate made me want to join the Military?

I noticed a fascinating thing as I was driving near a navy base the other day at work. I was driving down this road that runs along the edge of the base, which is bordered by a fence, and behind the fence is a lot of trees. So, I'm looking at the fence, at the trees - and these pictures are popping into my mind, these scenes, where I'm seeing people in uniforms walking around in various facilities, flashing badges, and this experience comes up with the pictures of 'that would be fun'. Now this is very strange because, I know very little of what actually goes on in a naval base, what the people actually do when they go to work, what their jobs really consist of, how they experience their lives - and yet, here are these pictures popping into my mind, with this experience of 'that would be fun'.

So where did these scenes, and this experience come from? How is it that I would look at a fence, with some trees, and suddenly see scenes of people walking around in uni…

Day 146: Consciousness vs. Physical Reality: The Seed Experiment

Does consciousness have the power to support Life on Earth?

To determine the answer to this, we can undertake the following experiment:

Start with two, garden variety seeds.

Take the first seed - Seed 'A', and plant it in some soil. Water the seed regularly, and make sure it gets enough sunlight.

Take the second seed, Seed 'B', and place it in a cardboard box. Seal the box so that no sunlight can enter. Do not place the seed in soil. Visualize the seed in your mind -- visualize the seed receiving nutrients and sunlight, visualize the seed sprouting and growing into a healthy plant, visualize love and light streaming into the seed.

Now, the goal here is to have the seed grow into a plant. And, if one dares to undertake this experiment, one will be faced with a result that brings into question the idea that 'consciousness is the source of the physical reality'. You'll find that, with seed 'B', no matter how effective you are in generating energy an…