Day 121: Postponement Character - Backchat Dimension Self Commitment Statements

I commit myself to, when and as I am faced with the point of blogging / writing assignment, having made the decision to walk the point in accordance with effective time use within my day where I've come to the point because I've allocated time to complete the point, to when and as backchat arise in my mind that justifies / reasons why doing something else apparently all of a sudden 'makes more sense' -- to stop and breathe and realize that the postponement character has activated and that the backchat indicates I've already accepted thoughts that came up first -- and thus I delete the backchat, identify the thoughts that came up and delete them, and stick to my decision to walk the point of blogging / writing assignment through to completion as I've already allocated time to complete the point

I see and realize that unless an actual, in fact emergency / circumstance arises that demands my attention, there is nothing to stop me walking the blog / writing assignment through to completion except me making the deliberate decision to participate in / accept / believe backchat as excuses / justifications that arise in my mind and thus I commit myself to show that backchat is just an 'objection' based on self interest and not an actual condition preventing me from walking the point I'm faced with as blogging / writing assignment

I commit myself to show that an inner voice that all of a sudden pops into my head where I start talking myself into postponing the point of responsibility I'm faced with, is not in fact 'me talking to me' - it is the postponement character that is always based in a point of self interest that I'm not wanting to give up - it's a character I've designed to step in and give me all kinds of convenient reasons and excuses automatically, to make it seem 'rational' and 'reasonable' and 'acceptable' to postpone my point of responsibility

I commit myself to show that the reason the world is a fucked up mess of abuse is because humanity have accepted and allowed the creation of automatic characters designed to defend / justify self interest / postponing responsibility, where basically the entire lives lived by human beings consist of postponement of our responsibility to care for all life on earth caused by the belief that the voice in the head can be trusted as a reliable reference of what is best to do in any given moment when the evidence the world is showing is that the voice in the head only exists as the postponement of responsibility for caring for all life in favor of participating in just one more moment, year, lifetime of self interest

In the next post I'll be looking at the Reaction Dimension of the Postponement Character.

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