Day 118: Postponement Character - Thought Dimension Self Corrective Statements

I see and realize I only judged writing assignments to be difficult in the past because I believed that assignments are something one is simply either able to do, or not able to do, because I didn't understand how studying / learning / completing an assignment works as the actual practical steps required in walking the assignment, and therefore I commit myself to stop judging blogging / writing assignments as 'difficult' as I see and realize the judgment of it being 'difficult' I formed as a reaction of blame toward the assignment when I reacted initially toward not being able to do the assignment, with an idea of myself as being inferior to the assignment, which can no longer be justified as I see the practical steps involved in walking an assignment / blog to completion

I see and realize that I connected entertainment / shopping with a 'positive' experience defined by 'it's easy', which I created in reaction to how I judged / experienced writing assignments as 'difficult', and I thus I commit myself to, in stopping the negative judgment as 'difficult' toward writing assignments, also stop the positive judgment as 'easy' toward entertainment / shopping, and to within this no longer participate within writing assignments / entertainment / shopping through and as negative and positive experiences / judgments, but to be here, as breath, standing one and equal with and as the physical situation / scenario, and to within this participate based on the decision to do what is best for all / actually supportive

Thus within this I commit myself to, when and as I am faced with a writing assignment / blogging and a thought / picture arise in my mind in which I see myself 'doing something else' such as entertainment / shopping, etc -- I stop, breathe, delete the picture / thought, and bring myself back here and walk the blog / assignment through to completion

I see and realize I formed a preference toward entertainment / shopping over blogging / writing assignments because of the initial starting point negative experience as inferiority / difficulty - which was actually a preference toward the positive experience of 'easiness' I created to / toward entertainment / shopping and had nothing to do with what in fact is supportive / best for all in a moment, and thus I commit myself to participate within blogging / writing / entertainment / shopping according to what is in fact best for all / most supportive in a moment, and to stop seeing blogging / writing / entertainment / shopping through the eyes of the mind as negative / positive experiences

I commit myself to, when and as I am faced with blogging / writing assignments, and thoughts / pictures arise in my mind in which I see myself doing other things - stop, breathe, and realize the postponement character is activating wherein I am looking for 'other things to do' - and I delete the thoughts / pictures and focus on walking the practical steps of the task at hand through to completion

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