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Day 137: What are Natural Disasters Teaching us?

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that when a hurricane hits the united states and destroys homes, tears children from their mother's arms, kills people with flying debris, and creates opportunities for looting - we call it a disaster -- while in countries where war rages for control of resources, and corrupt governments mismanage their countries in the name of greed leading to poverty and severe violence motivated by survival - these events are a daily occurrence that somehow is not seen as a disaster

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize how strange it is that while the speed with which the president acts in responding to natural disasters is a factor that will influence the decision people make about which presidential candidate to vote for, the fact of the president's, and all other world leader's acceptance of an economic system that goes to war for control of resources in the name of profit, and…

Day 136: Awareness and the Identification with Thought - Part 6 - Self Commitment Statements

I commit myself to, as this 'observing presence' which I have experienced as 'enlightenment', challenge myself to stand in the shoes of those on Earth who suffer the worst conditions of abuse and neglect, and allow myself to actually care about them, and to let go of the fear of 'being negative' -- because how can it be negative to truly care about others and insist we have a world where everyone is supported and abuse is not allowed?

I commit myself to ask myself if I can truly say that being an observing presence, merely living out my life in a state of observation and acceptance of what is, is my fullest potential as a being

I commit myself to do some study of economics at the Economist's Journey to Life Blog, to face the reality of the actual System that determines who lives and who dies on Earth, and to let go of the ridiculous idea that if I were to study and educate myself as to how the world works, and the nature and extent of abuse that takes plac…

Day 135: Awareness and the Identification with Thought - Part 5 - Self Forgiveness Continued

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to ask myself the question of 'as this calm, observing presence, am I assisting and supporting myself to understand / realize how my mind actually works, and thus how the minds of other human beings work? Or am I accepting myself to be nothing but an 'observer' that just 'observes my mind'?

Within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to ask myself - am I understanding / seeing how my mind works? Or am I interpreting how my mind works, through first accessing knowledge / ideas that I got from someone / somewhere?

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to ask myself - as this calm, observing presence, am I able to walk a thought pattern in writing, in seeing where / when I first had the thought, when / where / how it is triggered? Am I taking responsibility for my thoughts as my creation, or am I separating myself from my thoughts through merely 'obser…

Day 134: Awareness and the Identification with Thought - Part 4 - Self Forgiveness Continued

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if I am a 'calm observing presence' that only speaks in a calm, peaceful, serene tone of voice, and who only experiences myself as this warm, fuzzy, blissful experience, and who does not pay attention to any of the world's problems, that I am 'enlightened' -- instead of realizing that this is actually no different from just being on drugs the whole time

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that if I were to allow myself to get angry and become ashamed at the abuse and suffering that is allowed in this world, that I would be going into 'Ego', and 'judging things' and 'trying to control reality', instead of allowing myself to simply place myself in the shoes of another being and ask myself if the condition they are in is acceptable to exist or not - which is what any being that cares about life would do

Thus I forgive myself that I have not…

Day 133: Awareness and the Identification with Thought - Part 3 - Self Forgiveness

So this 'Pure, Conscious Awareness' permeating / underlying all things, as a kind of 'non-judgmental' 'god' thing, at first seems to make sense, in terms of it being the 'solution' to freeing one's self from thoughts and Ego, because within Spirituality, 'Ego' is mostly defined / equated to specific types of thoughts like 'I need to be the best', and 'I need to be rich', and 'I need to have more material possessions', and 'that person is stupid', and 'the government is so corrupt, they are to blame for all my problems', where one would have stress and other emotional states associated with these thoughts. And, when one becomes fed up with having these thoughts and emotional experiences it then becomes quite an appealing idea to simply walk through life in this perpetual blissful, peaceful state within one's self, simply observing things happening, and 'accepting what is' without any judgm…

Day 132: Awareness and the Identification with Thought - Part 2

So, within Eckhart Tolle's teachings, thoughts are seen as Ego. And this message is presented within the context of the general Spiritual teaching that in essence says that who we really are is 'Pure Conscious Awareness' which permeates all things and exists eternally, and that within this 'thoughts' are like, a 'limited aspect' of Consciousness which is 'Ego' -- where Ego is described as the act of 'judging' reality based on the 'limited self centered identification' with thoughts. The absence of Ego is described as returning to the 'Pure Conscious Awareness' that is like 'here all the time' as the 'Now' moment, where, instead of being in a constant state of judgment as thoughts, trying to control reality / others and seeing reality through the 'filter' of thoughts -- you're simply in the Now as this 'Pure Conscious Awareness', simply 'accepting what is' without judgment - without…

Day 131: Awareness and the Identification with Thought - Part 1

I watched a video with Eckhart Tolle titled: Are thoughts the Source of Ego?
In the video, Tolle describes Ego as being the 'identification with thought'. Within this, the 'identification with thought' is where one derives one's identity / sense of self through thoughts / as thoughts. Tolle describes how thoughts are part of the 'collective mind' of for instance one's particular culture, and humanity as a whole.

In the video, an audience member describes a particular 'habitual thought' she faces, which is that of thinking that 'I always have to get things right' - and then if 'it's not right', then she'll 'escape', and just 'not do it'. Tolle describes how, we may 'pick up' thoughts like this for example in childhood as a result of what one's parents say / do. He describes how the way to be free of such thoughts, is to realize that you're not the thought itself, but you're the 'awa…

Day 130: Humanity's Obsession with Entertainment

Let's talk about Entertainment.

Entertainment is a huge industry, and we human beings (those of us with money) spend a lot of our time entertaining ourselves. In fact, it's only when I started walking my Process that I started to see just how much of my time I had previously dedicated to entertainment. Entertainment is not bad. Entertainment is not a sin. But - entertainment can be Abused in the form of dedicating so much of one's time to entertainment, that we never make any progress in coming to a solution to any of Humanity's Economic and Social Dysfunctions with the result being the past repeating itself over and over and over again daily, with the consequence being millions of lives yearly around the world from poverty, starvation, crime, murders, rape, war, fighting, and accidents caused by alcohol and drugs.

Look at simplistically. How much 'free time' - that time you have in between working to make money and taking care of daily chores and responsibili…

Day 129: Self Forgiveness on Job Experiences: Learning to use Computers

Here I'm giving a practical example of how to apply Self Forgiveness in the context of one's work / job.

The thing I've learned about jobs and skills, is that it's simply a matter of learning verbatim the vocabulary required to be able to speak about the products, concepts, subjects involved in the job, and making sure I am consistent and disciplined in walking the practical steps of physically learning the skills involved in performing the job. It's like learning a language; you're not going to be able to speak effectively if you don't have a vocabulary, and you won't have a vocabulary unless you apply yourself in learning words and their definitions.

Most fears and uncertainties that arise about a new job, are simply because one has not actually learned the vocabulary required to speak effectively, and so you wonder 'what will happen', and 'what will I say?', and 'what if I don't know what to say?' - and where, once you le…