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Day 115: Relationships in the Law of Attraction

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that I do not need to be 'in vibrational alignment with my desires' in order to take out the trash, feed my child, clean the house, give someone medical treatment when they require it, feed my pets, take care of my plants -- I do not need to be 'in vibrational alignment with my desires' in order to participate in physical reality, on earth, in accordance with how to support myself and other beings -- I do not need a 'source' to 'attract things from' in order to live and participate physically on earth -- I do not need to 'be in vibrational alignment' with anything to direct myself to physically participate on earth -- because I actually see how basic living works on earth, in this reality

Within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the only reason I have not committed myself to ensuring all beings on earth are supported - as I ha…

Day 114: Creative Control In the Law of Attraction

The thing that is missed in Abraham-Hicks claim that we have no 'creative control' over the lives of other people, in terms of looking at others who are suffering and wondering what we can do to help them, is that their definition of living and participating on earth is limited to an idea that the only way things happen / don't happen on earth is through either being in 'vibrational alignment' with one's desires, or not. And there's this bizarre belief that everyone is in their own reality, and that we have absolutely no ability to interfere / intervene in someone else's life - when in fact, this is completely false.

I mean, if we did not have the capability of intervening within other people's lives / realities, then wouldn't we have to each grow out own food, build our own cars, build our own houses, make our own clothes, be our own doctors and dentists, provide our own electricity? If other people had no creative control our lives, how is it …

Day 113: Creative Power in the Law of Attraction

One of the most popular Law of Attractionteachers is Abraham-Hicks - with Esther Hicks as the channeler of Abraham, who do a lot of speaking tours, answering questions from the audience. In the video 'The Biggest Missing Piece', a man in attendance at one of Abraham-Hicks lectures, is explaining how he's had a life of struggle and failed business in spite of applying the Law of Attraction, and is questioning the validity of Abraham-Hicks use of the words 'contrast' and 'choice' to explain away the horrific suffering and atrocities in the world. He says he finds it questionable to use the word 'contrast' to justify the experiences endured by people in a world where large corporate interests have the power to determine one's opportunities, where families are destroyed, lives are ruined, children are left behind, and where people were forced into gas chambers at gunpoint to die by the millions in the holocaust.

Abraham-Hicks proceeds to explain ho…

Day 112: What is the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is all about aligning oneself with one's desires, getting oneself into a state of 'allowing' one's desires to manifest in one's life - focusing on what one wants, what one desires, as though it already exists, feeling like it's already manifested -- within the idea that one's desires are in essence sending out a 'request' to the universe / source to have that desire fulfilled / manifested, and that the only reason one does not have one's desires manifest in one's life is because one is not aligned with the 'allowance' of the desire to be delivered by the universe into one's life. This 'non allowance' is defined by, for example saying to oneself 'I wish I could get that job', or 'I wish I would get a raise', or 'I wish I could get that car I want for a good price', or 'I hope I'll be able to attend that lecture / concert / show I want to see', or 'I wish I coul…

Day 111: The Inconvenient Truth of Selfishness - Part 2

So here we're continuing, investigating the Inconvenient Truth of Selfishness in Spirituality.
Let's jump right in and have a look at the nature of the thought processess involved in the pursuit and practice of Spirituality - within the pursuit, practice, and study of meditation, chakra balancing, raw foods, prayer, chanting, crystals, sacred geometry, tai chi, channeling, invocations, visualization, law of attraction, allowing, ascension, lightworkers, love and light, alien contact, aura reading, psychic readings, astral travel, remote viewing, dna activation, lightbody activation, experiencing energy, research into the afterlife...well that covers most of what I pursued / practiced / studied when I was walking my 'spiritual path' as I've written about in previous posts deconstructing my Spiritual Experiences.

So as one is studying, reading, watching, listening to Spiritual material - books, websites, videos, etc, and as one is practicing these practices, what is…