Day 86: The Universe Fulfills All Requests: Self Commitment Statements

I commit myself to show that making up ideas about gods / creators / sources / universes that provide for beings on earth, is a deliberate decision of 'I don't care to provide for all beings on earth', as everyone knows that to support a being on earth, you must actually facilitate that support with your physical human hands, and that thus ideas about god are deliberate distractions meant to take our attention away from the simple physical responsibility to move ourselves to give to each other what we all need -- because in that we would have to give up our current life of self interest and redefine life within the starting point of giving to all life as we would like to receive - within which, no god would be necessary to exist

I commit myself to show that no request for support such as food, water, clothing, homes, medicine, education has EVER been answered by a 'god' and that all support always is the product of the movement of human hands

I commit myself to show that the new age spiritual movement is entertainment for people with money - as no starving child will be able to apply new age techniques to fulfill their basic needs

I commit myself to show that no new world system that ends poverty and starvation will ever exist without the deliberate movement of human hands working together

I commit myself to, when and as I encounter a message talking about 'the universe', to stop and evaluate the starting point of the words being spoken / written to see if the starting point is that of investigating practical physical actions required to support all life on earth, or that of promoting techniques to make people with money feel good / happy

I commit myself to, when and as I am walking my day, buying products, eating food, driving my car, going to work, remind myself that there are other beings in this world who will never have what I have and will suffer from birth to death, simply because of the way we have agreed to live with each other on earth

I commit myself to stop wasting my time trying to remove myself from this universe, through making up alternate universes in my mind that make me feel good, and come to terms with the facts of what is here, and move myself to change the facts of what is here so that the facts of what is here is a world that is best for all where all beings are supported, doing whatever it takes to eliminate the facts of poverty and starvation

I commit myself to ensure that the only system that exists on earth is one where all requests for basic needs and enhancements to make one's life a life worth living, are fulfilled at ALL TIMES for EVERYONE


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