Day 53: Deconstructing my Ascension Diet - Part 2

Self Forgiveness and Self Corrective commitment statements on my experience with the 'Ascension Diet / Foods'.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that because I had accepted myself / created myself through my mind as an 'ascending being' character defined by the idea / belief / fantasy that I am 'ascending' into a 'higher dimension' where I will just feel good all the time and be able to fly around, that the moment I read that certain foods 'support' ascension, while other foods do not - I placed a negative value judgment in any food that did not fit within the description of 'ascension foods', and placed a positive value judgment in any food that did fit within the description of 'ascension foods' - thus, already if I had been self honest I would have seen - I am not an ascending being - I am a being of judgment based on my own self interest

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that when I would touch and be near, and prepare and eat foods that fit within the description of 'ascension foods', that the reason I 'felt good, and felt so healthy', was because I was in a relationship just like a lover wherein the foods, according to the information I read, stood as a point that fulfilled my desire to 'ascend' into a higher dimension - and, since the idea of ascension made me feel good / happy - when I was near / with / eating the 'ascension foods' - I then felt good / happy -- but was the actual food itself making me feel good? No - it was me as the 'ascending being' character making myself feel good because I placed a positive value judgment in those 'ascension foods' -- actually no different from an alcoholic feeling good when drinking / being near alcohol / bars because they placed a positive value judgment in the alcohol because they like the experience of being drunk because it allows them to feel better / have fun / escape themselves -- just as with the ascension foods I felt good because the ascension foods represented my escape from myself / this world into a 'higher dimension' that I imagined myself in

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that the reason I felt bad when I was faced with eating 'non ascension foods' is because I had placed a negative value judgment in such foods because 'they did not support me as the ascension character to fulfill my character through ascension' -- and thus, when I would eat the non ascension foods I would feel bad, and feel like I am not experiencing myself as who I really am, and feel like the foods are taking something away from me -- and all because they simply did not support my definition of myself as the ascending being character -- they did no make me feel like I am ascending -- and within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that - the entire idea of 'ascension foods' was something I had read about and accepted simply because of my desire to 'ascend' - wherein, I had in no way whatsoever confirmed or investigated how the food is in fact having an effect on my physical body -- I merely created the experience of 'wow this is making me feel so pure and healthy' because I had defined the foods in a way that supported my idea / belief of myself as 'ascending' -- just as a christian will feel like eating the wafer as part of the holy communion has something to do with 'god' instead of realizing that they are just eating a wafer and their experience toward / of it exists in their mind as a character they created through believing in stories they were told by parents / teachers / religion -- wherein, they had in no way confirmed or investigated that the wafer has anything to do with 'helping them get to heaven' - it was merely a belief

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge a person as 'ignorant' if they don't eat health foods - instead of realizing that I am the ignorant one as I am focused on eating to make myself feel good instead of coming up with practical solutions to end all abuse of life on earth - and that if the person eating the hamburgers and chips and coke was focusing on coming up with practical solutions for a new system for earth that will support all life, they would be more relevant to life than me - as my lifestyle of making myself feel good is irrelevant to life as what is relevant to life is what is best for all and thus if I am not living in a way that will produce what is best for all - then it doesn't matter how good and healthy I feel or how much organic 'fair trade' products I buy - I am an abuser neglecting life

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that when I would look at the packaging of health foods / organic foods / spiritual foods and see the particular colors and designs used and then feel good about the product - that was indicating I had brainwashed myself to buy a product based on a feeling because the product / colors / designs represented / supported my self definition / desires / beliefs / characters in my mind -- no different from a neo nazi buying a product with a swastika on the label because they feel good about the product because the symbol on the product represents their self definition / characters

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to present myself as highly knowledgeable about nutrition and what is good for the body, simply because when I ate health foods / ascension foods I felt good as a feeling experience -- within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to equate 'good for me' with 'it makes me feel good' -- instead of realizing that this is the same principle / starting point being lived by someone who was educated / taught that eating fried foods is good for them - so that when they eat it they feel good because they believe it is good for them -- wherein, I did not in fact see directly how the foods I was eating was affecting my physical body - I only saw a feeling that I felt created through the memory I accessed of reading that 'this food helps me ascend and is good for me' which I believed because I wanted to 'ascend'

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that as I was eating 'ascension foods' and believing that 'I am ascending as an advanced being', I was not seeing and realizing that I was taking part in the consumer system like everyone else - buying products because it makes me feel good, within complete acceptance of the system -- wherein, I had absolutely no practical solution as a new system that would transform the exploitation / abuse of the earth / other humans / animals for profit, into a system where the support from the earth is given equally to all life as required for all to be supported to flourish and develop as life -- but was completely preoccupied in my 'ascension lifestyle', where all I saw was products, people, knowledge, practices that would support my self definition of myself as an 'ascending being' -- and all because the idea of being an ascending being made me feel good / special / gave me hope / offered an apparent escape from my life / this world as it exists

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that I did not have access to ascension foods because I was 'special', or because it was a 'divine plan' - but simply because I had money - and within this I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize that if I am using my money to support the consumer system within a starting point of accepting the system so that I can have my 'health foods' lifestyle to feel good about myself, then I am supporting and creating abuse because I require a system of ill health and good health, poverty and wealth to exist, in order for me to exist as a special character that can experience abundance and good health and have the experience of going to shops and buying products

I commit myself to stop judging food with positive and negative values through which I create a feeling or emotional / positive / negative experience in myself toward the foods --in realizing that in this I am separating myself from the food which is of the earth / physical just as my body is from the earth / physical and to delete all ideas and beliefs about food and focus on investigating / developing actual communication with my body within the starting point of assisting and supporting my physical body to exist effectively on earth, and to stop abusing food through beliefs / judgments as a way to make myself feel something

I commit myself to show how feeling good about a food / product is based on the individual having programmed themselves as a consumer character defined by particular products / services / lifestyles within and of the current money system -- and that it is not actually 'me feeling good' about a product / food, it is me as a character programmed as a consumer

I commit myself to show how focusing on eating from the starting point of making yourself feel good / feel healthy, is self interest as a way to feel better about YOU in comparison with everyone else who you then judge as 'unhealthy' and 'ignorant' -- which is definitely does not indicate a healthy person, but indicates rather a sick and evil person that cares more about feeling better than others than about creating a world that is best for all 

I commit myself to show how in wanting to 'feel healthy' I create ill health and accept and allow the current money system to continue producing foods that are bad for the body so that I can then create the 'healthy foods' and live the 'healthy lifestyle' so that I can 'feel healthy'

I commit myself to show how 'feeling good' about something does not mean it is good - because, a rapist can feel good about raping someone - but does that then mean rape is good? 

I commit myself to show how health foods / ascension foods is just a lifestyle designed and presented through consumerism based on people's FEAR of death and FEAR of being ill and FEAR of getting cancer and other diseases -- wherein, when the product says 'eat this because it will give you radiant glowing health and help give you peace of mind' - then you feel REALLY GOOD! about the product and you buy it

I commit myself to show how eating certain foods from the starting point of believing it will 'help me ascend into a higher dimension' is based on the FEAR of being here on earth and having to face one's actual physical experience and the actuality of what is allowed in this world as all the ABUSE

I commit myself to work together with others to establish / implement a new world system as Equal Money that is based on actual research into what is best for the human physical body and which will transform food / nutrition from a profit making industry based on buying things to feel good to avoid fear, to a system based on providing nourishment equally to all because of the oh so simple realization that all required to be nourished with food, and that the earth provides food for FREE and this food should be given to all for FREE where, in looking at the current system one can see that the very existence of Brands indicates that the Earth is being ABUSED for profit and thus no matter how good I feel about a brand - the brand exist as abuse

I commit myself to establish a system that makes food equally available to all and makes sure that the nutritional requirements of all humans, animals, and plants are met at all times in realizing that anything less is UNACCEPTABLE

I commit myself to delete my 'ascension character' through Self Honest self investigative writing to map out the memories that constitute my idea of myself as an ascending being and Self Forgiveness to delete the memories, and Self Corrective Commitment statements aligned with practical physical change that can be lived to produce a world that is best for all.


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