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2012 - How to stop being manipulated and reclaim your power

How is it that advertisements and salespeople are able to get you to buy things? How is it that you buy into a relationship because of an initial feeling, and then eventually end the relationship? And actually do this over and over again? The reason you're able to be manipulated by advertisements, and the reason you repeat the same relationship patterns again and again, is the same.

The reason is feelings and emotions. If you are directed by feelings and emotions - you can be manipulated - but you're actually manipulating yourself, which is more obvious in the example of relationships. The advertisement depicts a fashionable person getting sex and popularity - so you buy the clothes because you want sex and popularity, and imagine in your mind, what it would be like to be wearing those clothes and having people look at you and admire you -- the clothes make you 'feel good', and the feeling is based on your own desire to be popular and get sex. So, the advertisement man…

Do Drugs And Alcohol Let Me Experience My True Self?

"Won't drinking suppress my mind so I can temporarily experience my true self to some degree?"

Understand that although 'who you really are' - which is who you really could be, is not the mind as thoughts, feelings, emotions. However, you've, through many breaths, and many moments of acceptance and allowance, created yourself to exist AS the mind - and your mind exists IN you, AS you - thus, thus mind IS your 'true self' at the moment - from the perspective that, the real 'truth' of you is your thoughts, your backchat, your desires, your emotions, your feelings - because that is what you are accepting and allowing yourself to exist as.

The only reason we as humans tend to view the mind as being something separate from 'my true self' - is because we aren't AWARE of HOW and WHERE, and WHY we have created, accepted, and allowed each thought, each feeling, each emotion, each reaction - the patterns that direct us in our daily experienc…

2012 - Free yourself from the Matrix with Writing

One of the primary tools I've used in changing myself is writing. When I started applying the Desteni message, which is that of breathing, self honesty, writing, self forgiveness, what discovered I can actually, in fact understand how my mind works, where my thoughts are coming from, how I am creating my feelings and emotions. And, I came from a history of anger and confusion and frustration with life - all emotions. But, I had believed that these emotional experiences are just 'who I am'. What I found with self-writing in self honesty, is that my mind is not just 'who I am' - it is a system of self programming that I have accepted and allowed myself to be and become - built, developed over years, in many breaths, many moments where I created a belief, an idea, accepted a definition in unawareness of what I was doing, and these beliefs, definitions, ideas, accumulated as the foundational constructs of information underlying my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. What…