2012 is the year we must apply the Tao Te Ching

"If powerful men and women could remain centered in the Tao, all things would remain in harmony."
~Tao Te Ching

At Desteni we realize those of us with money are the powerful ones who must bring about a system that is best for all. We are here for a limited time, for a lifetime - and in every breath is the opportunity to live within the Tao of What is Best for All Life.

I've only been able to begin doing this through developing Self Honesty applied in every moment of breath - because as breath I can see my starting point in every accepted and allowed thought, word, and action as I walk my day - and as breath I can evaluate each event of my life within which I breathed in unawareness, and see where I accepted definitions and created myself in a way that does not consider Life. I can forgive myself for breaths spend in vain, release myself from the past and apply corrective statements standing as life - the I Am that is Equal in All, and considering how I would like another to consider me, so that my life's work becomes my Life's Walk of moment by moment, breath by breath self willed Self Perfection - Daily Moving myself out of the MINEd, out of separation, out of self interest, back HERE, earthing myself, grounding myself, birthing myself, re creating myself as a being whose thoughts, words, and actions are one and equal with what is Best for All Life as All as One as Equal, as all must do if we are to ever end harm in existence. Desteni I Process is Practical Love Thy Neighbor, Practical Self Perfection, Practical Transcendence, Practical Enlightenment.

In 2012 when the spiritual fantasies, hopes, and dreams do not come true, when the spaceships do not come, when the world does not end, when you do not ascend, when no savior appears - will you be left wanting, doomed to follow the mirage of your imagination, clinging to hope? When will the Mirage become myRage in realizing change was never going to be as easy as we wanted it to be?

Investigate the practical, self-supportive solutions required to make this world a place that supports life.

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