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2012 - The Religion of Self in Spirituality Part 2: To Each His Own

In 2012, it is time to seriously evaluate our starting point as an individual, here, participating on Earth. Because, when we for a moment take ourselves out of our 'spiritual experience', and simply stand here on Earth, in the physical, no inner experience of light and colors and fantasy and imagination, no feelings of love and bliss and hopeful expectation of some magnificent event of 'change' that is 'going to happen', when we simply look with our eyes, simplistically at what is here, it is evident in simply looking at what exists on Earth, that we as Humanity are living within the statement 'to each his own'. I mean, 'to each his own' is the fundamental starting point of our Capitalist money systems - to each his own profit. And 'to each his own' is the fundamental starting point of Religion and Spirituality - in seeing that the pursuit one engages in is to 'pursue and develop and find my personal relationship with god, with hig…

2012 - The Religion of Self in Spirituality Part 1

In 2012, when I ascend into a higher vibrational existence, how will I participate in existence? How will I participate in relation to Earth, and all the beings on Earth? Will I be off in a beautiful, colorful, glowing reality, filled with a constant experience of bliss, within which I no longer see what is happening on Earth? Will I no longer see and hear about people starving, people living in poverty, animals beings abused, nature being destroyed? Will these things not matter to me? What will matter to me when I am an ascended being of light and love in the 5th dimension? What matters to me now, here on Earth, as I am still living out my current life? 

Obviously money matters, because money is what I need to buy food, water, clothes, a house, gas for my car, electricity, my internet bill, new computers, a camera, books, movies, etc, etc -- money is the resource that enables me to live comfortably while I am on Earth - and isn't it only because I am comfortable, and do not need…

2012 Prophecies and Predictions

There are many prophecies and predictions about how 2012 and the coming years on earth will 'play out'. Unfortunately, these prophecies and predictions are predicated on humanity's acceptance and allowance of themselves to participate within imagination, hope, desires, dreams, wishes, fears, beliefs - just as I accepted and allowed myself to participate within when I was a 'lightworker'. My predictions and prophecies I told myself about 2012, in my own mind, were all based on desires and dreams and hopes about aliens, ufos, ascending into higher dimensions, alien technologies being disclosed that would change the world, the end of the world, etc, etc. And my entire experience of 2012 consisted of merely occupying my daily time with participating in the 'normal, day to day living and working in the money system' stuff like everyone else -- but with me participating in an alternate, projected mental reality of hopes, dreams, desires and wishes about '201…

2012 What is it to Care for Life? Is Light and Love Real Care?

What is it to care about Life? To care for Life? 
Is it to say words like: 
'I am light and love and the essence of all things is light and love'?
'2012 is the time when I will ascend into a higher dimension and be less physical'
Is it to believe that:
'when all of humanity owns crystals, and mandalas, and bright colored clothing, and meditates 3 hours a day while repeating a mantra, and eats only raw food and doesn't use swear words, then we will be spiritually evolved'?
'suffering is part of the being's choice they made before they were born, and simply is part of their beautiful spiritual path, part of their free will to learn whatever it is they chose to learn through suffering, and thus poverty and starving children, as well as children and other people getting bombed and raped, is a beautiful, perfect aspect of the sovereign free will and free choice of those beings'?
Have I achieved and mastered a higher, divine order of living and caring…

2012 - What will Happen when Humanity has a Spiritual Awakening?

Many people are expecting and hoping a 'spiritual awakening' will happen in 2012, and throughout the coming years. And this 'spiritual awakening' is expected to be the necessary step that must happen before the world will become a better place. We must all 'awaken' to feelings of love and light -- we must all start saying 'I love you' to each other, and feeling feelings of inner peace and love about each other. Then the world will change. And the mission of lightworkers is to 'spread love and light' - through talking about it, and visualizing love and light streaming into other human beings, because that is how you help other humans to get to the point of having a 'spiritual awakening'.

Now, even if everyone were to suddenly have a 'spiritual awakening' in 2012 - or 2013, or 2015, or 2025, or 2090, or 3012, or 4012, or 5012, or 7777, or 8888, or 9999, or 99999999999, and started telling each other 'I am of love, I am of light&…

Practical Tao Te Ching: Work is done, then forgotten

Creating, yet not possessing. Working, yet not taking credit. Work is done, then forgotten. Therefore it lasts forever. ~Tao Te Ching

 A practical example of this is where one removes a nail from the path so that another will not step on it by accident. And maybe no one even knows you were the one who removed the nail. No credit is given to you. But still, you actually enjoyed removing the nail from the path, and it just made sense to do. Why? Simple - because it is what we would have liked another to do for us. Now, within this, thinking about what you've just done, or going and telling others about it because you want them to praise you for your good deed, is examples of how to take a simple, common sense action of doing what is best for all, doing unto another as you would like done unto you, and making it into something 'more' than what it actually is. This kind of thing we do through the mind - through ego - we take something and make it a point of personality, a poin…

2012 - the Year to End Anonymity

To remain Anonymous is to live double lives. I do not use anonymity or a fake name because I will not live a double life, hiding behind personality. I will not pretend change, and I will not pretend I care when my moment by moment actions only reflect self interest and acceptance of abuse. I must be able to be trusted to do what is best for all, in every moment of breath. My moment by moment actions must always be from a starting point that will always accumulate only what is best for all. And I first must change myself so that I prove to myself I do what is best for all in every moment of breath.

That which I live by must be principle that stands eternally, in all moment, all scenarios, all dimensions, all existences, all interactions, all expressions as that which only accumulates what is best for all. This principle I found when I found Desteni. It is the simple point of standing as all as one as equal as myself, and looking at the starting point of how I am participating, and…

2012 is the year we must apply the Tao Te Ching

"If powerful men and women could remain centered in the Tao, all things would remain in harmony."
~Tao Te Ching

At Desteni we realize those of us with money are the powerful ones who must bring about a system that is best for all. We are here for a limited time, for a lifetime - and in every breath is the opportunity to live within the Tao of What is Best for All Life.

I've only been able to begin doing this through developing Self Honesty applied in every moment of breath - because as breath I can see my starting point in every accepted and allowed thought, word, and action as I walk my day - and as breath I can evaluate each event of my life within which I breathed in unawareness, and see where I accepted definitions and created myself in a way that does not consider Life. I can forgive myself for breaths spend in vain, release myself from the past and apply corrective statements standing as life - the I Am that is Equal in All, and considering how I would like another…