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How can two human beings make new life?

How can two human beings 'make love' when each human being exists with secrets, fear, judgments, hate, self interest, manipulation and a different definition of love?  How can two human beings make 'new life' when both human beings are a copy of the past? Our children are the future - isn't it thus our responsibility to ONLY bring a child into this world - to only pro-create once we have re-created ourselves within self perfection where we are aligned in all ways in thought, word, and deed with what is Best for All?

Investigate the tools of Self Perfection.

Support the implementation of the Basic Income Grant and Equal Money System so we can have a system that supports humans to co-exist in harmony by removing the competition for survival.
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Transforming Art from Mind Occupation to Self Expression

In my process of taking apart myself as a personality through self investigative writing and self honesty, I've seen that a large part of the emotional / feeling experience I used to have towards art was desires for recognition / fame / praise / wealth / wanting to be in the 'pantheon' of 'great artists', and through this, gain access to 'the good life' of fame and fortune, lol. But before I investigated myself, all I experienced was the feelings and emotions, which I defined as 'creative yearning', and 'inspiration', etc.. But through the writing and investigation, uncovering the constructs underneath the 'emotional/feeling experience', I realized feelings and emotions is not profound, mystical stuff -- it is simply generated through self definitions, comparison, desires, values, judgments, beliefs - programming.

And this programming is defined by the current world system / money system within which survival / making money / attain…

Is Capitalism a Valid System for Earth?

Any system on earth within which humans, animals, and nature are facilitated support / access to the the resources required to function effectively, must be centered around the point of what is best for all - just as the systems in a body function centrally around the ONE point of what is best for the body - all parts as the whole - otherwise there is dysfunction where the system is allowed to be directed in self interest / individual interest. And see how this includes each individual cell's starting point of participation within the group/whole. Human Beings must realize that it is common sense that we each must have a practical understanding of the Responsibilities required to be taken to have a world that works in a way that is best for all; Responsibilities inherent within simply looking at the Physical functionality and requirements of all parts as Human, Animal, Plant, and ensuring the needs of all parts are always met.

We are each made of the Earth - we are One and Equal…

Do Spiritual Pictures Raise My Vibration?

This is a picture. When I was a lightworker I used to feel all kinds of nice feelings when looking at spiritual pictures, and believed the picture is 'raising my vibration', and that in this I am becoming somehow a more effective human. In fact a picture does not have the power to create feelings or 'raise your vibration'. All such experiences - if you just look at it - are created by YOU in your own mind through your positive and negative value judgments placed in association with the picture / color, et. And these feelings do not make you effective in taking responsibility to bring about in physical actuality a world that is best for all - they are just a self interested escapist experience as energy reality, that you only have the time and support to participate in because you have enough money to live in comfort in this world - all your basic needs are taken care of by MONEY - not by feelings and pictures and light and love. Spirituality is a a mental indulgence l…

91 Year Old Yogi Supreme Spiritual Wisdom

"91-year-old yogi, Bernice Bates, began practicing and teaching yoga in 1960. Before even getting out of bed in the morning she does a series of seven or so poses to get her blood flowing -- how awesome is that?"

Decades spent as a 'yogi' with no practical solution to change this world at a systemic, practical level in terms of ending poverty, starvation, money related crimes war, animal abuse, destruction of nature -- all that time spent doing yogic poses to get the blood flowing - so what? So you can apparently feel 'healthy' and 'spiritual'? Using all of your time to focus on your own 'yogic mastery' while billions suffer unnecessarily simply because of the nature of the economic system, without ever even mentioning any consideration of what is best for all and how to support all life - always only valuing one's own personal experience of doing yoga and praising yoga masters indicates a massive separation and self interest within and a…

Black Friday as Omen of Doomsday

Black Friday is the day after 'thanksgiving' - where millions of Americans rush out to the shops as early as midnight thursday night, as all the major stores have their doors open early and are running sales offering low low prices on all the fabulous stuff that you want to buy for yourself and your family.

Now, black friday is hyped up to such a degree, that people become completely obsessed with taking advantage of all those great deals, thinking about all the savings they're going to get on all kinds of great shit, that they literally, every year when the doors of the shops open, trample over each other to get the products they want before they run out. Parents literally push and shove and fight each other to get at the video games and other toys to buy their children. People literally fight each other, spray each other with mace, and trample each other to death in their fight to grab hold of the shit they so desperately want. I mean, with such awesome low prices on su…

No More Betting on Animals in an Equal Money System

Will people still bet on animals in an Equal Money System? No, betting on animals will cease to exist. People only bet on animals, such as in horse racing, dog racing, cock fighting, dog fighting, etc - so they can make money. It is the same as a casino, people go there and bet money on games because they want to win money - and they want to win money because the more money you have, the easier your life is in this world; you can pay off debts, buy food, buy a house, buy clothes, buy a car, travel, etc, etc. In the Equal Money System everyone's basic needs are met, and everyone from birth will have access to the support systems that enable one to establish a life filled with actual living and participating here on Earth in meaningful ways that do not harm or exploit or enslave any other being. Gambling and betting for money will therefore cease to exist because there will no longer be a reason to gamble; no one will be in need or desire of money, because there will exist no 'm…

Is my True Identity Energy? And is my Life an Illusion?

"Everyone thing you perceive you to be you is based on derivatives of this "physical" experiences. Until you realize your true Identity as energy. Death is an illusion, just as your current life is. "

If death is an illusion, then just kill yourself - but careful, common sense shows your personality will cease to exist, because I mean if you look at your personality it did not exist at birth - you created it in your mind as you were programmed with a language and programmed with definitions and learned to think and make beliefs - when you die your body returns to the earth - and you required your physical body to sustain your mind system with energy to think and use language, as well as eat, shit and piss -- so that means without your physical body here in this physical reality you would not have been able to develop yourself as a personality - the personality you are currently commenting here as.

Who benefits from your statement : "death is an illusion, and yo…