Giving thanks the relief that you have MORE than another???

Let's make sure giving thanks is not a statement of accepting that some will always have LESS than you and thus the thanks is actually a relief that you have MORE than another. WHO is being thanked? The system within which many starve but you were able to FINEd an opportunity that worked? Thank GOD? That would be ODD - thank you god for blessing me and my family instead of making me suffer? That's like thanking Hitler for taking you out of the gas chamber and setting you up with a nice home cause you accept him as your savior.

I support an Equal Money system based on the principle of Love Thy Neighbor - our neighbor being all Life equal with ourselves - and Love being to give to each other what we would like for ourselves - which is to have a system where each is equal in support - so we can then say THANKS to each other as equals for GIVING to each other unconditionally as LIFE.

How I have been able to support myself to do what is best for all:
Desteni I Process


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