All Drawn of the Same Stuff

When you draw people, or animals, or plants on a piece of paper, or paint them on a canvas - they all get painted on the same canvas. When you use a pencil, they're all drawn with the same stuff. It doesn't matter what the form is - it is in essence exactly the same - it is Equal, and all the forms are Equally Here on the paper / canvas.

This is the same in essence for Humans, Animals, and Nature here on Earth. Only a delusional ego will regard itself as 'more than' the rest, or will not consider everything else here as Equal, just because it has a different form or composition. In essence all are composed of exactly the same stuff, and all are Here the same, Equal. Just like all the lines on the paper are Here the same, Equal.

To make choices Here that will never result in direct harm or any harmful side effects that another Here may experience, Common Sense is for everyone Here to consider each other Here as Equals Here, and to consider what is Best for All Here - meaning, to stand as everyone else Here, in seeing that all are the same in essence Here, and to only draw conclusions about who and how to be, that are best for all.

Check out Bernard Poolman's 'Equal Through Substance'

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