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Giving thanks the relief that you have MORE than another???

Let's make sure giving thanks is not a statement of accepting that some will always have LESS than you and thus the thanks is actually a relief that you have MORE than another. WHO is being thanked? The system within which many starve but you were able to FINEd an opportunity that worked? Thank GOD? That would be ODD - thank you god for blessing me and my family instead of making me suffer? That's like thanking Hitler for taking you out of the gas chamber and setting you up with a nice home cause you accept him as your savior.

I support an Equal Money system based on the principle of Love Thy Neighbor - our neighbor being all Life equal with ourselves - and Love being to give to each other what we would like for ourselves - which is to have a system where each is equal in support - so we can then say THANKS to each other as equals for GIVING to each other unconditionally as LIFE.

How I have been able to support myself to do what is best for all:
Desteni I Process

Defining 'Want' in in Self Honesty

In Desteni I Process I am uncovering the information, the words, the definitions that I have accepted as the foundational 'building blocks' of my behavior and entire perception / experience of myself and my world. In doing this I am able to apply the Equality Equation to each word, each definition I uncover, to see whether the definitions I am living are actually supporting me or not. In applying the Equality Equation I evaluate the definition I have been living to see whether it supports me to live in Self Honesty in a way that is Best for All, or whether it supports me to live in Self Delusion. The more I investigate how I've actually created myself and what information actually forms the basis of all my thoughts, feelings and emotions as Mind, the more I've begun to see and understand how we've created the world as it exists. And in standing as Life as All as One as Equal and taking Self Responsibility to, within this process of Self Investigation / Self Underst…

Will Borders Still Exist in an Equal Money System?

Why do borders exist in the world today?
Borders exist because different countries / governments have been established over time, and each country has its own contained economic system and things like natural resources and land which the country 'owns', or which are privately 'owned' by individuals or corporations. Countries are connected through trade agreements and military alliances for example, but the primary 'purpose' of each individual country is to protect itself / protect what it 'owns', and utilizes borders to protect and control the functionality of its specific economy for instance, by controlling the number of immigrants and preventing 'illegal immigrants' from 'taking jobs'. So, really the 'reason' for borders as they exist in the world currently is based on 'security' and 'control'. I mean this is very easy to see in the example of Israel and Palestine, where you have two 'separate' groups t…

Equal Money System: Will Criminals Be Locked Up? What's The Rehabilitation Procedure?

The first point to understand here is that the vast majority of crime will end almost overnight with the Equal Money System. This is simply because the vast majority of crime - such as theft, muggings, break ins, murder and violence, mafias, prostitution, smuggling, drug dealing, poaching, counterfeiting, hacking, pirates, car theft, black market activities, etc, etc - is because of the need for money / want of money / desire to control money. In the Equal Money System all a person's needs - and this includes all that which makes life on Earth pleasurable, entertaining, and fulfilling - will be provided as a basic Human Right. This is done within the Common Sense understanding that when a Human Being is deprived the basic necessities of life, and made to become a slave that must work to survive under threat of poverty and loss, and made to compete with its fellow Human Being to 'attain to' higher qualities of life through getting more money, all kinds of problems are creat…

Poverty on Film - Global Apartheid?


Will God still be allowed in an Equal Money System?

Will God still be allowed in an Equal Money System?

In the Equal Money System, the idea of 'God' will be something that someone may choose to participate in for sentimental purposes. The idea of 'God' will no longer have any influence on how any part of the system functions. The idea of 'God' will no longer be allowed to be used to manipulate people. Everyone will have access to support to learn the tools of Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness, to understand and free yourself from delusional fears and ideas and beliefs. These tools have already been proven by Destonians to be effective as evidenced in the multitude of writings and videos giving first hand experience of how we as human beings are able to forgive ourselves, stop fear, self interest, and limitation, and change ourselves into beings that in fact love our neighbor and do what is best for all, and require no idea of 'God', and no religion - because we actually honor Life as Equal and One in All.

All Drawn of the Same Stuff

When you draw people, or animals, or plants on a piece of paper, or paint them on a canvas - they all get painted on the same canvas. When you use a pencil, they're all drawn with the same stuff. It doesn't matter what the form is - it is in essence exactly the same - it is Equal, and all the forms are Equally Here on the paper / canvas.

This is the same in essence for Humans, Animals, and Nature here on Earth. Only a delusional ego will regard itself as 'more than' the rest, or will not consider everything else here as Equal, just because it has a different form or composition. In essence all are composed of exactly the same stuff, and all are Here the same, Equal. Just like all the lines on the paper are Here the same, Equal.

To make choices Here that will never result in direct harm or any harmful side effects that another Here may experience, Common Sense is for everyone Here to consider each other Here as Equals Here, and to consider what is Best for All Here - me…

Equal Money is Earth Stewardship

We've been on Earth a long time. We even have an idea that we're supposed to be the Stewards of the Earth. Sounds great, yes, but we obviously have not been applying ourselves as responsible Stewards. I mean, in common sense, a Steward of the Earth should do everything within it's ability to make sure that the Earth is kept in full working order, where all parts function in equilibrium, and where every hair is counted, every being is considered, and the basic needs of all beings are met satisfactorily at all times. For example, all beings have food to eat and water to drink. That should be a big DUHHHH. But - as we all know, there are now around one BILLION human beings - yes, that's just human beings - that are going hungry. And I mean, being that feeding ourselves as a group as Humanity as Earthlings as Beings Here on Earth that Come from the Earth and Use what the Earth Provides, and then Return to the Dust of the Earth seems like such a simple thing to achieve -- h…