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Smoking Out the Past to Self Freedom

I'm writing here about experiences I've had, which one will face even after applying Self Forgiveness, which can be difficult to walk through.

     When I made the decision to stop smoking, I made the decision to give up the hope that I will be able to smoke again, which is really the point that must be considered when quitting something, is to also give up the hope / backdoor of being able to start again. And I did this 'cold turkey' as it is said. When I stopped smoking, within the next few days I began to face all the points as the 'reasons' I had wanted to smoke, other than the simple point of enjoying the physical act of smoking the cigarette.

     I'm talking about all of the emotional / mental aspects of my experience of smoking. Yes at a basic level I enjoy the simple act of smoking a cigarette. But that's not the point that was difficult to give up. That's not the point that was the basis of my addiction to smoking. The basis of my addi…

Equal Money is the Logistics of Supporting Life

The only logistics that should exist in this world is the logistics of what is best for all - anything else in common sense is just neglect / belligerent.

The only reason it seems impossible to sort out this system is because logistically it is set up according to making profit - not supporting life - and thus a solution can not be found while remaining within the parameters of the logistics of the profit system.

The profit system must end - and what is already here must be reordered according to the logistics of what is best for all -- it is rather simple in principle - that is the Equal Money System.

As a note, I am not an expert in logistics - I have never studied logistics. And I am not highly educated in economics. I simply have learned to look at what is here using Common Sense. Common Sense is simply that which is best for all. And that which is best for all is easy to see if I place myself as everyone in this world as Life - as the Whole - and then look at in common sense, wha…

Will I be able to sell things I make myself in the Equal Money System?

Will I be able to sell things I make myself?
In the Equal Money System you will not sell things. You will not need to sell things. Buying and Selling is based on the concept of profit and loss – wherein you profit if you can convince someone to buy something because they believe it is valuable enough to give you money for it, and you lose if people stop believing your product has value and so stop buying your product – wherein the profit itself is in the form of money that you then use to purchase basic needs and luxury items in the current system. Loss is where you end up with less money and thus maybe cannot afford to keep producing your products, or maybe you cannot afford to cover all your basic living expenses, or maybe you cannot afford to buy luxury items. So, in the current system of profit and loss, for the average person, profit means you get greater access to basic needs and luxury items, and loss means you get less access to these things.
In the Equal Money System, everyon…

How do we make sure only items that are built to last are produced in the Equal Money System?

How do we make sure that only items that are built to last are produced in the Equal Money System?

Goody, this is a fun point to look at. Okay, let's first define 'items'. 'Items' would include things like, cars, computers, dishwashers, clothes washers, televisions, refrigerators, ovens, electric razors, all of the things that we currently use which make our lives easier, allow us to communicate with each other, and enable us to explore self expression as well, things like musical equipment, art supplies, photography equipment, etc. And then all of your equipment also that is used for more industrial purposes like farming, clothes making, food production, furniture production, medical equipment, etc. Simplistically, we're looking at all the things that in common sense, we should be producing and using to support ourselves as humanity, as Earthlings here on Earth.
But, let's now look at how all these items are produced in the current system. Because, how do …

Vegetables are plant meat

Vegetables are plant meat - animals are animal meat - humans are also meat - all meats meet as one as the dust of the earth - and all come forth equally with the same life essence.
Eating animals is eating ourselves - eating plants is eating ourselves - with this realization comes the end of the vegetarian as a lifestyle and self definition - which is shown to be just based on an idea that never considered all life equal.
We're dealing with a very vast problem that requires each of us to take responsibility to consider all parts of the issue to be able to see what the solution. The issue is that we are in a programmed, designed reality where ourselves as life comes forth to function and develop within the parameters of plant, animals, or human here on earth. The obvious problem is that we've only ever seen the picture - the form - and never considered ourselves as equal as Life within and as this reality. So - we're trapped in a design. How do we get out? Obviously none is f…

Equal Money as Sustainable Capitalism

Capitalism is only sustainable and best for all when the only Capital is LIFE. Because then you must develop skills, creativity, innovation as an expression of supporting yourself and All as Life - not as a tool to place a cap on another's opportunities, so you can make a profit.
Research Equal Money as the Sustainable Solution to Capitalism.

Equal Money, Innovation and Bloodlines


Nothing Less than Self Perfected Equals as Life

In looking at my past experience within spirituality, there's this point spiritual people have that keeps them from opening up their capacity to understand what is actually going on in this world, in existence. The point is this idea that in spite of what anything looks like, in spite of what exists in this world, in spite of all the horrible experiences being experienced right now on Earth, in spite of the daily struggles and discomfort and pain everyone experiences - everything is part of something 'perfect' -- 'everything is happening for a reason'. That is the popular way of stating this accepted point, 'everything happens for a reason'. The problem with this is that this 'reason' is defined as something that is not supposed to be understood by human beings. So, the accepted idea is that everything is happening for a reason 'for god to know', or 'for the universe to know', or 'for my higher self to know', or 'for some…

Lightworker Support: Home is HERE

Home is HERE - you're already HERE - you don't have to remember it -- that which you re-member, is a picture in your MIND created through reading stories - where you re-cycle knowledge and information

we are already Equally HERE -- the mind as the picture book is SEPARATION -- an awesome thing happen when you bring yourself HERE as the Breath in every moment and start stopping the mind -- you realize you are HERE, you've always been HERE, and that what is relevant is to do what is BEST FOR ALL HERE as LIFE not be a lightworker as a movie character in the MINEd.

In fact, you can see that you are Here, right now. It does not require some path or process of spiritual development or raising your vibration or working with energy or crystals or meditation, NO. It is to simply Breathe Here - to BE HERE AS BREATH - aware of each in and out breath. In this, you see that the only reason you miss a breath, is because you go into the MINED and start thinking and accessing all kinds o…

Practical Self Questioning Guide

When I look at myself, I stand as Life as all as one as equal - and in this see all others as myself as Life equal and one. Then I look at the design of myself as a 'person' - and in Self Honesty investigate all I have accepted and defined myself as, as a 'person' - to see what I am Allowing / supporting. Do I as all of the accepted experiences, definitions, and designs of myself as a 'person' support what is best for all as Life Equal and One as Me? Or do I as a 'person' support separation through seeing myself only as a 'person' as definitions and designs of self interest within a bubble?

This is to put the Process of Self into context.

What we are thus applying as Destonians is practical tools of Breathing and Writing to support ourselves in investigating and uncovering and becoming aware of all experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, definitions, beliefs, ideas, opinions, preferences, memories, personality designs and patterns -- ALL of &…

The Cancer is the Can't-Shares

Cancer - a dis-ease that eats away at you until you die.

In the body, the blood must be shared, the nutrients must be shared, circulated to all parts, all organs to ensure effective and balanced functioning, where all parts are developed to their full capacity to function to support the whole body.

Currently, humanity is the cancer, the CAN'T-SHARE that is not SHARING what is HERE - the cancer that CONsumes what is here  using money within an accepted money system that does not value life, a system that has LAWS that ALLOW people to starve, LAWS that ALLOW humans, nature and animals to be abused and not considered as worthy of support, a system that has LAWS that say it is okay to, as long as you have money, fulfill only self preservation within self interest as a part that stands apart from the whole, not considering what is best for all -- a system of NAZIS that are not-seeing that if we do what is best for all, rather than what is only 'best for me' - then our entire env…

Training Your Water to Find 11:11

Discussion with Bernard Poolman

Commentary with Matti Freeman

Commentary on the discussion with Bernard Poolman entitled: Training Your Water to Find Eleven Eleven.

Discussion with Matti Freeman about how one is able to confirm through self honesty and self forgiveness and stopping the mind, that seeing 11:11 is something you train your water to do, based on first hearing about 11:11. Exposing the self delusion of creating spiritual super hero stories about 11:11, wherein - when I was seeing 11:11 I did not even see that I was training / programming myself to! Only when I began applying myself within Self Honesty as Breath Here in the Physical, stopping the mind did I start to understand what is actually going on.
11:11 is not the solution to end poverty, starvation, war, greed -- it is numbers. We are in a system with numbers, symbols, functions -- but creating stories and fantasies in the mind based on observing these functions, is not understanding - it is make believe based on sel…