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Understanding Higher Self Guidance for 2012

Important discussion exposing how in accepting the idea of a 'higher self' that is 'guiding you' and that 'knows what is best for you', you allow all forms of abuse that exist in this world, as within your acceptance - you are saying you are not accountable for your actions - as your actions are based on thoughts, feelings and emotions, and your thoughts, feelings and emotions are your 'guidance system' coming to you from your 'higher self', and thus you tacitly agree that no one is accountable for their actions, as their actions, no matter what the action is, is a result of guidance coming from the 'higher self' as thoughts, feelings, and emotions. All of this within the idea of everyone being on 'their own spiritual path' and 'learning what they need to learn', which is just an excuse used to justify what is accepted and allowed in this world, so we can feel better about ourselves and feel better about what goes on in …

Positive thinking athELITEs are the real Nazis?

from YouTube comments:

"An athlete always competes in a positive environment.
A loser always complains.
So 17 million people die, maybe it's their experience. They might want this experience.
How do you know?" -superhotbm

positive thinking athELITEs are the real Nazis that believe themselves a superior rACE because they win RACES - thank you for showing this so clearly - your eGO trumps hitler's any day of the week

Hidden Message of Bashar - Lightworker Update

All are the Elite and there are no losers with Equal Money

From Tolerance to Responsibility

What is the problem with Tolerance?

Tolerance, in this world, is directly related to Acceptance and Allowance. The idea of Tolerance, as Accepting and Allowing - or giving permission for people to have 'opinions, traditions, values, beliefs, definitions' that they live and apply in their daily lives -- that you do not necessarily 'agree with'. A key word here is 'Respect'. It is seen as 'honorable', 'good', 'noble', 'virtuous' to 'Respect' and 'Tolerate' the opinions and beliefs of others -- even if you do not 'agree with them'. The opposite of 'Tolerance' is 'Hate'. The opinions, beliefs, traditions, values of human beings are allocated here within an accepted Polarity design of either 'Tolerating / Allowing as 'Positive' - or 'Hating / Fighting' as 'Negative'.

The problem with this is that such a Polarity design of 'Tolerance / Hate' exists because Huma…

Real Love is only Possible with Self Forgiveness

‎"...Who decides who loves you? Who CAN decide? Only YOU!!! You're the ONLY ONE that determines what the fuck is going on in the space inside you. When your mom says to you "I love you", she's lying!! It's impossible!! Because, she has a feeling for you that SHE has created!! That's why parents have different degrees of love for different children; because they're fuckin' deceptive!! They lie! They don't love their children Equally. You cannot love another person. You can have a feeling about someone, based on something that you have made yourself believe., and you can call that 'love', but that is not love. You can only ever love yourself. And realize that such love must be cultivated in each one being in this world. And then, there is Equality. Then you can TRUST everyone! Then we are possible to have a new world. Then Heaven is on Earth! In 'Heaven' there wasn't even love. It was all make-believe bubbles called the '…

Creating Self Out of the Mind and Into the Physical

Self Realization does not happen through creating and experiencing ideas through and as the mind. Self Realization is a Process of Creating Self out of the Mind and into the Physical -- to stop creating ideas of self / experiencing self as an idea of self through the mind in relationship 'with what is here' -- to stop 'creating self' as ideas 'out of thin air' as a thin-king, a thing-king whose kingdom is the mind of the ten thousand thinks that ends in death -- and to create self, Actualize Self, Substantiate Self through ACTION, AS the Physical - where the mind dies - the idea of self dies forever, and only a being As the Physical remains - a being which must create itself in and as actual Substance through and as actual action - and this Action is that which one begins Living Equal and One as Who Self Is in the moment of insight / realization which opens through Self Forgiveness - Self Forgiveness which opens through Self Honesty. And each of us must Will ou…

EqualMoney Art: Birth Diversity of Expression


The World Will Change 1 by 1

Within the whole thing of change understand that, as one change breath by breath, it also represents the simple realization that the world will change 1 by 1, so it's one, plus one, plus one, plus one, plus one -- that is the same Principle as 'I am One Vote for World Equality'. When we get to the political point, why is it certain that we will get through? Because what we are standing for Practically, Physically, in Practical Common Sense with Equal Money, is a one plus one equals two Principle that supports All Life Equally, and there is so many people without that support that there is no doubt that they will make a decision to support themselves first - self interest - but within that self interest, the beauty about Equality is, even within self interest of Equality like in Equal Money you'll be supporting everyone else. Wonderful - both sides covered. Magnificent! How do we change the World? Realize One plus One plus One plus One - till ALL is part…but yet, indiv…

Bashar and Acceptance and Allowance

Followers of Bashar: in Accepting that you are 'not supposed to understand how things manifest in physical reality' - you are Allowing and giving permission for physical manifested conditions such as poverty, starvation, rape, war, animal abuse, nature abuse, etc -- this is simple mathematics of ONENESS see with common sense and Self Honesty

Acceptance and Allowance

Read "The Law of My Being" by Sunette Spies