World Food Programme Will Never End Hunger

Exposing the futility of the World Food Program - and the self deception of charity and aid organizations which require capital in order to deliver aid -- and the requirement of 'capital' is a function of the current money systems throughout the world which do not operate according to what is best for all in the first place. If they did - then we wouldn't have poverty and hunger in the first place.
The WFP gives aid to around 105 million people in 75 different countries -- yet in America alone there are 50 million in poverty, and 15 million children going to bed hungry! This obviously shows that the WFP is not effective - not the solution, as it is not addressing the actual problem.

Take some time to thoroughly investigate and consider the principles of the Equal Money System - principles which can be applied in any area of one's personal life and life as a whole on Earth to see clearly how to structure our participation in a way that is best for all and ensures effective functionality for every being - without abuse and neglect.

Here's the article I read:


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