Special Energy Revelation for Lightworkers

Energy can be seen when you define something in separation of yourself, like acceptance -- then you set up a relationship between you and acceptance - and you create desire for acceptance as energy as friction between the 2 points - then manipulate others to get them to accept you to satisfy your desire -- but you created the desire and do not accept yourself!

Thus 'human nature' as 'desires' is self created, self accepted, self allowed -- we just didn't notice. Destonians have noticed - and now take self responsibility with Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness to STOP the self created system of energy designed in self-separation -- and we give ourselves back to ourselves - give ourselves acceptance, love, support -- so we stop manipulating ourselves and others, and can develop effective relationships as Equals who stand in support of Life and do what is best for all - no longer enslaved to energetic addictions - but Here as who we really are as Life - Living and Expressing for Real.

Join Desteni I Process to begin investigating yourself as Creator, and embark on the journey of Purifying and Perfecting yourself as a Responsible God.



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