The ‘physical reality’ of scarcity is not necessary

The ‘physical reality’ of scarcity has been created by us as an outflow /side effect of our inequality based globally accepted systems of value

the physical reality could be us living together in support of the whole / group — wherein, our value system is based on valuing life and thus structuring all systems around how to best support each being to live effectively

I realize these concepts are pretty much impossible for the average human being to comprehend, as you have been taught everything by those who came before you – passing on the same definitions / knowledge that has been the basis of humanity for generations of time – and thus, have never actually considered that the world could be any different than it is now — but, it is worth it to challenge your existence in all ways — because, the current accepted way of existence on earth is HIGHLY questionable what with the daily poverty, starvation, lack-of-money motivated crime and violence, so that it is a common sense mark of INTEGRITY as a being, to be willing to at any moment GIVE UP one’s accepted knowledge and information to be able to fully consider a suggested SOLUTION to the abuse and absurdity of this world.


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