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Market Forces and Equal Money

A 3 part Discussion with Bernard Poolman, and with commentary by Matti Freeman.

The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions. The Book - Equal Money System will Release September and onwards 2011 -- More than 40 books will be released - Subscribe to the book newsletter to receive a notification when it's available.

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Hidden Message of Bashar - Lightworker 2012 Update

Hi this is Matti and this is a video response to the 'teachings', or 'message' of Bashar - as channeled by Darryl Anka. And, the point I'm looking at here is in one of his recordings available on Youtube, he's speaking with an audience, speaking to an audience, and one of the people in the audience asks him how we as human beings - how should we - how do we make choices? How do I make 'a choice?' And, Bashar's response to this question was in essence the usual response that he ends up at, or arrives at, which is to 'find whatever excites you the most, in any given moment, and then to look at that which is the most exciting 'choice' or 'option' available which you also have the 'greatest ability' to actually do, and then do that. And that is how you make a choice.

Now, as a Destonian, as a participant with and as the Desteni group, I find this message of Bashar, continually fascinating from the perspective of how ineffec…

Wall Street Speculators are Criminals

"Banking System and Wall street = speculative economy based on fraud"
- Marlen Vargas del Razo.

Speculate: form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence.

and why all the speculation? What is it accumulating? A better world for all? No - profit for some human beings. Why? Because they are 'free beings'? No - because they are robots that function only as profit makers as a self-preservation program. It is a CRIME to allow neglectful ROBOTS to influence the lives of others - they should be LOCKED UP.

The Equal Money system honors Life not profit, and will end this crime and ensure that All benefit and NONE go without.

Special Energy Revelation for Lightworkers

Energy can be seen when you define something in separation of yourself, like acceptance -- then you set up a relationship between you and acceptance - and you create desire for acceptance as energy as friction between the 2 points - then manipulate others to get them to accept you to satisfy your desire -- but you created the desire and do not accept yourself!

Thus 'human nature' as 'desires' is self created, self accepted, self allowed -- we just didn't notice. Destonians have noticed - and now take self responsibility with Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness to STOP the self created system of energy designed in self-separation -- and we give ourselves back to ourselves - give ourselves acceptance, love, support -- so we stop manipulating ourselves and others, and can develop effective relationships as Equals who stand in support of Life and do what is best for all - no longer enslaved to energetic addictions - but Here as who we really are as Life - Living and Expr…

Hidden Truth of the Golden Rule

This is Matti and I'm looking at, 'the Golden Rule'. The Golden Rule is defined as, 'a basic principle that should be followed to ensure success in general or in a particular activity', but often used to describe the Biblical rule of 'Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You'. And, what's interesting about this, is that it's called - 'the GOLDEN rule' -- why is it the 'GOLDEN' rule? What is Gold? Gold is a yellow, 'precious metal', it comes from the Earth. 'Golden', defined as, in addition to it being a metal, something 'rare and precious', 'rich and smooth', also denoting the fiftieth year of something.
So, 'rare' and 'precious', and also a metal. So what does this have to do with 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you?', as 'the golden rule'?

This language, that we've accepted, and that which we've been using for generations of time, is …

Wake up Neo-Agers The Matrix is Real

Spirituality and New Age is in essence a video game played by preprogrammed characters -- which is what Human Beings currently are existing as and experiencing themselves as: characters called a personality - which is a program that is developed from a young age, utilizing some basic foundational coding passed on through DNA from previous generations, and expanded upon throughout one's developMENTAL years as influenced by various environMENTAL FACTors to become the apPARENT 'person' you are today.
If you were in a preprogrammed Matrix construct reality -- how would you know? AS the programmed participant -- you would not know - because, you would obviously be programmed to not be able to conceive of anything outside of your program.
How do you know your emotions, thoughts, feelings, memories are actually 'really you'? In the Matrix - the people are completely programmed, and have no idea that their entire experience of themselves is actually a LIE.
So - how can yo…

World Food Programme Will Never End Hunger

Exposing the futility of the World Food Program - and the self deception of charity and aid organizations which require capital in order to deliver aid -- and the requirement of 'capital' is a function of the current money systems throughout the world which do not operate according to what is best for all in the first place. If they did - then we wouldn't have poverty and hunger in the first place.
The WFP gives aid to around 105 million people in 75 different countries -- yet in America alone there are 50 million in poverty, and 15 million children going to bed hungry! This obviously shows that the WFP is not effective - not the solution, as it is not addressing the actual problem.

Take some time to thoroughly investigate and consider the principles of the Equal Money System - principles which can be applied in any area of one's personal life and life as a whole on Earth to see clearly how to structure our participation in a way that is best for all and ensures effec…

The ‘physical reality’ of scarcity is not necessary

The ‘physical reality’ of scarcity has been created by us as an outflow /side effect of our inequality based globally accepted systems of value

the physical reality could be us living together in support of the whole / group — wherein, our value system is based on valuing life and thus structuring all systems around how to best support each being to live effectively

I realize these concepts are pretty much impossible for the average human being to comprehend, as you have been taught everything by those who came before you – passing on the same definitions / knowledge that has been the basis of humanity for generations of time – and thus, have never actually considered that the world could be any different than it is now — but, it is worth it to challenge your existence in all ways — because, the current accepted way of existence on earth is HIGHLY questionable what with the daily poverty, starvation, lack-of-money motivated crime and violence, so that it is a common sense mark of INT…

Time for a NEW Social Path

Desteni I Process and Equal Money - Laying the foundations of a New Social Path of Equality and Dignity for All

And God Created YouTube

Matti Freeman Standing One and Equal with the Matters at Hand as this World we are Creating. Walking my process of Standing One and Equal with All Life, applying Practical Tools of Self Purification and Self Perfection as Breathing, Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness, and Self Corrective Action assisting and supporting myself to live in a way that is best for all.
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My experiences with Desteni

Why did I join Desteni? What does "joining Desteni" even mean really?

When I look back at my experience, "joining Desteni" literally consisted of me starting to write out the thoughts and experiences I am having throughout my day, and starting to see the structure of where my thoughts are coming from - what is triggering them, what beliefs and definitions are behind them, and then applying Self Forgiveness -- within understanding that thoughts are in fact not who I really am, but merely functioning as a preprogrammed system that I have accepted and allowed to exist within myself. When I began applying Self Forgiveness, I started stopping thoughts. I started stopping my mind. I did the same with every reaction, every fear, every movement of feeling or emotions that would arise within me during the day. Because, what did I actually do first, as my first "Act of joining Desteni" -- I started breathing. Well, I had always been breathing, but I had just never …

Brainwashed to not see Equality

What is an easy way to see that we as human beings have been brainwashed to become slaves that support the existence of inequality in this world - which benefits those who have the control of money in this world?

Simple -- all you have to do is look at the way Equality has been defined in this world. Let's look at communism. People actually believe that communism has something to do with Equality. But let's just take a look at all the countries in this world that have ever utilized a communist system. What has existed in these countries?

Wealthy elites.
Theft of money.

So, where is the Equality?
The Desteni message is to recognize and honor Life that is Equal in All - All who are One Here on Earth, from the Earth -- and to base how we participate as a whole, as the world, as Humanity, on the consideration of what is best for all -- not leaving any one being out of the equation.

However, in looking at the short list above - we can see that Equality as…

Brainwashed to Not Love Thy Neighbor

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MarsWater and the Game of Madness

We can find water on mars but not water for everyone on Earth daily? what the FUCK -- humanity is truly the stupidist, most neglectful things ever to exist --- are you ready to stand with Desteni? Stand with those who stand up for all LIFE? The choice is ours - support stupidity and abuse or support Life and a solution for this world that is Best for All and brings about a dignified Life for All - Human, Animal, Plant

I say Stupid because...well, because we as human beings really are stupid -we accept and allow ourselves to exist within such absolute self stupidity -- I mean, it is stupid to go around pretending we are apparently 'living' - when we are obviously daily merely participating in a slave-like existence subject to money, completely ignoring the suffering of other beings that continually is created daily as an outflow of the SYSTEM we have accepted as being 'how the world has always and must al…